Thinking about joining Origami Owl?

NOW is the time!

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There are SO many reasons to join Origami Owl - here is my favorite...

If you already love Origami Owl, joining makes perfect sense. The starter kit costs $150 (plus tax/shipping) and contains $660 worth of product! You could sell that jewelry and keep the money to recoup the cost of your starter kit, or keep it to wear and show off to your friends! Some people join Origami Owl to really work it as a business. Others do it casually, selling to friends and family. Others join just for the discount on their FAVORITE line of jewelry!

Your kit includes business materials (catalogs, order forms, charm trays, tweezers, display and packaging pieces) and your website free for 3 months (just $10 a month after that). Your friends and family can shop on your website and the company sends the product straight to them - you simply collect your commission!!

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Here's how payday works!

We make approximately 40% commission on retail purchases. We're also allowed to host our own parties! This means that for every $1000 party you close you get commission AND hostess rewards! That comes out to:

$400 commission (paid weekly, each Friday)

$250 in FREE jewelry

4 additional items at 1/2 off

A FREE Hostess Exclusive Product

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Why join MY team?

I'm still actively working my business! I'm happy to share all of my tips and tricks for a successful business of your own! I do parties and weekly vendor events, which you are welcome to come see anytime. My husband and I provide local training and run an active Facebook page where my entire team shares ideas and resources. I record training videos and do online coaching as well. I am always available for questions anytime - I want you to succeed and it's my join to help you do just that!

But wait, there's MORE!

Origami Owl is going out if its way to introduce AMAZING incentives! This year I've earned an all-inclusive trip to a resort in Cabo San Lucas for two, an iPad mini, and a full-size iPad! New designers are eligible for all of the AMAZING incentives, too! Right now I'm working toward earning a trip to Maui!!
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Want to earn FREE STUFF for three months?

By selling $500 (at our cost) in your first thirty days, you will receive 20 FREE charms! You can choose to keep or sell these, it's a $100 value! By getting ANOTHER $500 (at our cost) in your second thirty days, you'll earn a locket, chain, and birthstone pack!! Hit the $500 (at our cost) in your third thirty days, and get two display busts and a gift certificate for $100 in jewelry!! AMAZING!


Share the O2 Love and earn ADDITIONAL rewards!

By sharing the love and finding people to join YOUR team, you are eligible to earn these awesome business tools! You also make commission on their sales! Ask me for more details about our career plan - one of the most generous in the industry!!
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- Jessica + Jerry Butanda - YOUR FUTURE MENTORS!

We've been with Origami Owl for over a year and a half. We still do parties, and weekly vendor events. We run a successful business Facebook page and have a separate Facebook training page for our teammates. We do local meetings and lots of computer-based training calls and videos. We are ALWAYS a text/message/email/phone call away! We're happy to answer questions and share ideas, and help in any way we can!!

If you're local, we have a booth Thursday nights at the Farmers Market in Downtown Upland from 5-9pm. Our booth is just North of the Gazebo!