Extending hours in the cafetiria

Please! let have more hours in lunch!

It'll help the kids!

-Some kids need more time to eat.

-It'll help the teachers go out to eat and still have time to get to the school and eat their food. The could also have a few extra minutes to go make copies or something.

Bad Idea?

-well of course it'll take more of the day and maybe they will have to extend the day.

-they will have to maybe divide the lunches into more different lunches.

Melany's claim!

i personally think that its a good idea.

-First of all it will help the kids concentrate in class because they aren't hungry.

-They'll have more time to eat so they wont be in a rush to the people who get at the end of the line and barely have enough time to eat.

-And you have more time to get from the snack line.