BY:Michael love


The process of conveying information so messages are received and understood.listening plays an important role in communication.a spoken message is worthless unless someone hears it and listens to it.hearing and listening,however,many sounds all day long.

Verbal communication:communication skills are just like word processing skills or baseball can learn them,practice them,and improving your verbal communication skills are learning to listen and to speak well.

Nonverbal communication:people communicate in many ways other than the spoken or written word.communication that does not involve words is called nonverbal communication.the way a person looks,dresses,acts,and reacts are forms of nonverbal expression.

Slang:a type of language that consists of words and phrases that regarded as very informal patois,argot,cant,jargon.

8 tips for better communication:know thyself,keep issues In perspective,always treat others with respect,respond instead of reacting,let others have an opinion,check your self,talk less listen more,hurt people who hurt people.

8 tips to manage conflicts: realise everyone's good intentions,resist the urge to solve problems,encourage in-persons conversations,if you have to take a side,envgangelize your philosophy about conflict,ask questions,analyze expectations,identify mistakes.

Netiquette:the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

10 tips for netiquette:only say what you would say to a persons face,don't use rude words,do not hurt others feelings,be clear in your subject or your message,check your spelling,don't type in uppercase letters,use signals so people can understand,cool off befor responding to your messages in anger,tell an adult if someone upsets you,remember what you put online.

I message:you state what you feel instead of criticising the other you express your feelings you are taking credit for them.

You message:places blame on the other person.may aggravate the avoid accusing the other person of negative behaviours.