The Willemstad Times

By Nick Kader

Interview with Phillip Enright

TWT: How was your life like before your ship wrecked?

Phillip: I was always living in fear of the germans, wondering if a torpedo would pick me out along the buildings.

TWT: How did you become a stowaway on the 'Devils mouth'?

Phillip: Back when I was on the S.S. Hato when I and the rest of the passengers were hit by a German U-boat torpedo. Timothy and I were the only ones on a stowaway raft.

TWT: Who is this Timothy person you are talking about?

Phillip: He is a very muscular, tall, black man

TWT: What was life like on the 'Devils mouth'?

Phillip: Well, it was very different, I had to learn that I could not just walk over to a market and get food or supplies. I had to fish and I had to get supplies from my surroundings

TWT: How did you and timothy learn to trust each other?

Phillip: Well, I had to learn that Timothy had better understanding when it came to survival so I had to listen.

TWT: How did Timothy die?

Phillip: He died trying to protect me from a hurricane.

TWT: How old was he when he died?

Phillip: He was seventy-odd when he died.

TWT: How did you become blind?

Phillip: The night the S.S. Hato was sunk I was hit on the head with a piece of timber.

TWT: How did You recover from your blindness?

Phillip: The doctor did three operations and after the third one I could see.

TWT: What have learned from this experience?

Phillip: I should never judge a book by its cover.

That is what i think I've learned.

Timothy's Obituary

Timothy was born in about July 1870. He is from St. Thomas. He was raised in Charlotte, Amolie.

Every year he dresses up in a costume and goes to a carnival. He never went to a school in his whole life and he began working on a fishing boat at the age of 9 When he was about 70 he was lost on a boat with a young boy (see Interview with Phillip Enright). He died from a hurricane in august, 1942.

What the war looks like

Twenty-six Allied countries signed the Deceleration of the United nations during the Arcadia conference, Brazil breaks off relations with the Axis powers, Japan invades the Netherlands, Japanese reinforce New Guinea; Australians land troops at Port Moresby. Meanwhile, American planes have destroyed Japanese air power at Wewak, New Guinea, Brazil declares war on the Axis countries, partly in response to numerous riots by a populace angry at the sinking of Brazilian ships, Incendiary bombs dropped by a Japanese seaplane causes a forest fire in Oregan, numerous riots in favor of independence in India; Mahatma Ghandi is arrested, the Hms Eagle, a carrier on convoy duty to Malta, is torpedoed and sinks with heavy loss of life.

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