Is Mississauga the best country

In Canada to live in 2035?


As most people know, Canada is by far one of the most popular countries that's known by it's great health care, good education and amazing weather. But there is more to Canada than just great education, health care and weather, there is more that Canada is known as like immigration ranking, physical environment, industries in Canada and communities. If you want to know what parts do these four things take in Canada, then keep reading down my smore and you'll find out.


Canada is known as a country for new immigrants, since 1994 Canada has been ranked one of the top ten countries to live in. In the future, Canada might be a desired destination due to the many immigrants that immigrates to Canada each year, and the way they attract there immigrants to immigrate to Canada. Canada aims to attract up to 285,000 new immigrants in 2015. Last year Canada successfully reached there goal of 20,000 immigrants, so if Canada reached there goal for this year, Canada's population will increase like crazy!

So, in the future, Canada's population might be from 4 to 5 million due to the amount of immigrants and women giving birth too, as for the death rates, there won't be as many because of the developing technology and medications that keeps developing as every year passes by. Also Canada's population might decrease a little due to the aboriginals that might be moving away due to the problems that are still happening right now.

The aboriginals are facing issues right now that could cause meager problems. Education was one of the big issues that stated happening to aboriginal people, long time ago in the early 1800's Canadian government and church bodies began removing Aboriginal kids from their homes and placing them in what were referred to as Industrial Schools. These would later become known as Residential Schools. The children that where in the Residential School where abused, physically and sexually which caused the Aboriginal population to go against that. Canada now is trying its best to help as many aboriginal children and teens to go to an actual educational school as they can. Another problem that happened recently was that the Canadians were building natural gas pipelines, economic development in the aboriginal's territories which caused a lot of government involving and debates.

So in the future the aboriginals might face the same issues that are going on right now, or the problems of the Indian acts, because it's still going on. But also Canada will be helping the aboriginals as much as they can during the hardest times.

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Interactions in the physical environment

Canada is located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada also has a variety of different landscapes which also causes a variety of different weather pattern. That's why Canada has the climate it does from it's location and landscape. There 13 political regions, and 7 of them are physical regions and they are: Canadian Shield, Western Cordillera, Innuitian Mountains, Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands, Interior Plains and Appalachian mountains. Each of these seven physical regions have different location, climate factors, different rock formation and different resources, but also at times some physical region have the same resources, like for example the Canadian Shield and Western Cordillera have the similar found resources like zinc, copper and gold.

Canada's climate changes a lot during all seasons, to good and bad weather, but Canada's climate change can change Canada's physical environment in a huge way, like for example In the Northwest Territories and Yukon forest fires are caused by the dry conditions of the region along with the increased lightening storms. This is how it Canada damage out physical environment, but also it can help Canada's physical environment with the amount of rain that we get during the summer that helps grow out plants and crops. So climate change has an effect on Canada's physical environment in both good and bad ways.

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries

This generation, our world mostly runs on oil, water and energy now. Of course there are other industries that are important too, but these three are the most and well known the most important industry for this generation and for the next year that are about to come, specially oil, because nearly all cars or other machinery equipment need oil so it keeps moving. It's also known that Alberta’s oil sands constitute one of the largest oil resources in the world. Even the smallest share that can be developed with today’s technologies places Canada second in oil reserves, after Saudi Arabia. There for, the most important resource in the future will oil.

Canada has a lot of natural resources like energy, mineral, forestry and many more, that help Canada be a better country, and also we show how much we care about our environment and we mange to use our natural resources wisely and carefully so it won't hurt our environment, and it make our cities more sustainable that we prefer to use natural stuff more than chemical.

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Livable Communities

Canada is a great place to live in, but of coarse every country and every city has it's own issues. Canadian cities are facing issues like politicians issues, peace and sociality and many more. But will Canada be facing the same problem in the future? There is a big chance that Canada could face the same problems, but that also depended on our governments and citizens.

Urban sprawl is one of the issues that Canada is facing right now. In 2011, Canada's urban population bumped up to 27.2 million, while its rural population remained around 6.3 million. Urban sprawls can be a huge issue in 2035, because now more people live in urban areas and urban cities, so this might be an issue in the future. But there is a way to limit urban sprawl, stop expanding the city side areas, because it affects the environment and its bad for our wildlife habitat.


In conclusion, even though Canada is facing many problems with environment, government or with immigrants, we are still standing strong and tall among other countries. Canada is a really supportive country and its a great place to live in, and in 2035 it will be better. Thank you for looking over my smore, I hope you learned something new :) .