LIFT Weekly Update

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Hey, everybody!

Now that Spring Break is over, we are on the home stretch to summer!

Prayer Breakfast is on for tomorrow! Come enjoy some fantastic home-cooked food and a nice time of prayer before school. We only have a couple left, and our last Prayer Breakfast is May 5th, so don't miss this chance!

LIFT, is on for this week, and hopefully we'll get to play outside a little, enjoy some great music, and get more of our new series "When God is Silent!" Check out last week's message with follow-up questions below!

Youth Choir is taking a little break for a while, but it will return at the end of the summer.

At LifeLine this week we'll continue out study of 1 John, enjoy some ice cream, and break out some 9-square and Spikeball!

Summer Camp this year is July 13-17, and we'll be heading to Student Life @ Daytona Beach for an incredible week! Sign-ups are now open HERE, and space is limited. Check out the preview video below!

If you haven't heard about the Newton County Christian Learning Center, you need to put it on your radar. Basically, it is an opportunity for students to take an elective Bible Class for free. Many surrounding counties have successful CLC programs, and one is now getting off the ground here in Covington, having started a class for Cousins Middle School students. However, the CLC is facing a bit of an uphill battle with the Newton Board of Education, and they could use your support! If you would like more information on the Newton CLC, click HERE for their website, write or call the BOE, and come hear all about it at the first annual Newton CLC Celebration Program May 7th @ 7pm right here in our Fellowship Hall. Deserts, coffee, and all the info you need will be provided.

The LIFT Supper Schedule is below, and our first one for the year is next week. Many of you signed up at our Parent Meeting. Let me know if you'd like to be added to an open spot!

Important Dates

  • May 17th - Graduate Recognition Sunday
  • July 13th-17th - Summer Camp @ Daytona Beach

Student Life @ Daytona Beach!

Beach Camp Student Promo

Last Week's Message From LIFT

When God is Silent 1

Follow-Up Questions

· Was Jeremiah right to feel the way he did in Lamentations 3:1-18?

· Have you ever felt like Jeremiah, feeling like God was far away? Why?

· When you feel like God is far away, is He?

· How do you know?

· Why is it so difficult to turn from the way Jeremiah felt in verses 1-18 to the way he felt in verses 21-24?

· How can you remind yourself of God’s goodness during difficult times?

· How can your reaction to a challenging time display Christ to others?