To Colorado

By: Joe Griffith


My pictures represent both Earth and Life science. I saw a lot of rock formations, and a lot of wild animals, like moose, deer, and many other animals. The rock formations had Granite, Limestone, sandstone, and more. It was so much fun!

The interesting part of My visit.

The best part of going to colorado was the jeep drive. We drove through the mountains in a jeep, seeing the mountain peeks. We stopped at a ghost town, and also stood on one of the tallest peaks in Colorado, Pikes Peak!

Three things about me!

First of, I have ADHD. I am more hyperactive, and am not the best at paying attention, but it doesn't affect me to much. Second, I like to make jokes, as corny as they are. I should start a corn farm. Third, I like science a lot, and enjoyed doing the big projects from last year.