A single person or group exercises supreme power

In a Dictatorship they take and hold power by force. In this type of government one person has supreme power. The most common dictatorship is military dictatorships. An example of a miliary dictatorship is in 1999 the coup d'etat.
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Advantages of a Dictatorship

  • Power to one person allows things to get done more efficiently
  • Can Maintain order and peace
  • Can put an end to political unrest because they have power over the law

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Disadvantages of a Dictatorship

  • They do not take in account the human rights
  • They can easily abuse their power
  • Face legitimacy problems

Why have societies throughout the world developed different forms of government?

Societies through out the world have developed different forms of government because either they have been there since they could remember, religious purposes, or what fits their country the best for it to work. Every country has different problems whether its rebellion, or production of goods, or people that live in poverty and they all need their own government.
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Adolf Hitler

The dictator that is most commonly known, who was he leader of the Nazi party and rose to power . He exiled the Jews and murdered a lot of innocence people. He is one example of a Dictator abusing his power.