24 Hours of Power

A day in the life of a teenager

The Day Begins

My phone alarm goes off and kick starts the day ahead of me. I unplug it from the charger and head to the shower.


I get out of the shower at around 7:15. I check my phone to see if I have received any messages while I was away.

Getting to school

I do not drive so I rely on a friend to take me to school. He texts me when he arrives so I know when to leave my house. During the car ride I plug my phone into his car stereo system. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

My Insta life

All throughout my day I will occasionally check my feed from an app called Instagram. Instagram is a picture sharing app that allows you to see what is currently happening among your friends. I will check this about 4-5 times during the school day.

At school

At school I rarely use my phone. I use it mainly to check the time to see when I get out of the class. Also during work time I tend to listen to music through my headphones. Texting is bad in school due to the fact I have no service in any of my classes! But maybe it's a good thing because I haven't received any electronic related detentions this year. So far...


During and after my school day I must have internet access to complete various assignments. This process of research can last anywhere between 5 minutes to a couple of hours. Also some projects I must do online, such as this smore.


For some reason I always feel like there’s something missing when I don't have my phone with me at all times. My phone makes me feel safe. I know it doesn't really protect me from anything but just knowing the fact that if anything does happen I can always call for help if I need it. Also having my phone with me at all times helps me stay connected with my parents and also with my friends and family that do not live close by.

Gettin around

I have never been good with directions or names. I always get lost. I am always using a GPS or Google maps to help me figure out my ways around Indiana. Google maps is not my favorite I usually always rather have my GPS with me at all times but when I don’t have one at least I have the other. I rather have my GPS give directions instead of a person. For example my dad. He tries to give me directions and if I mess up he gets irritated really fast, something technology like a GPS cannot do.

My free time

Most of my down time is spent watching television. I'm usually watching cartoons or funny TV shows. I don't usually get into TV series such as breaking bad and walking dead. I enjoy older cartoons such as Cow and Chicken and Dexter's Lab. I spend about 4 hours a day watching shows to pass the time.


At night when I’m ready for bed I look at my surroundings, my room isn't dark like it’s supposed to be. I don't have anything from nature around me. I have a television in my room, my laptop is charging on my desk, my phone is charging right next to my bed, and the Wi-Fi connection is right next to my TV. It’s almost impossible to get away from technology, it doesn't really matter how hard you try it’s always by your side. Its part of your everyday life and whether we like it or not most of us don’t really know how to live without it. When we read the internet article in class it talked about its pros and cons. We all need to find our boundary, and try to not go past it. Through all the years I have thought that I am safe using the internet and posting pictures, but I never realized until now how much digital DNA I have left behind for others to see. It’s very scary to think about, but there’s no way in taking any of it back.