Non-Traditional Students

ABAC School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Getting Started

ABAC welecomes adult learners and there are many different kinds of adult students attending ABAC.

Some of our adult learners are students who:

  • Wish they attended college right out of high school, but did not
  • Started college, but would like to complete a degree and work in a new field
  • wish to upgrade skills for a promotion at work

Sit down with family and friends to discuss why you want to return to or start college is important. Knowing why you are furthering your education can help those in your life to understand and be better able to support you.

What the Nursing Program Has to Offer

The One-Year Registered Nurse track is an accelerated bridge program for individuals such as LPN's Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists who hold a license in a related field.

Eight Classrooms, Three Nursing Skills Labs, and a High Fidelity Simulation Lab

One-Year RN track

  • Core must be completed to begin program
  • 1 year of nursing courses
  • Class and Clinical are all one day per week

Finding Friends and connecting with facutly and students who share your interests, goals, and passion for nursing will be easy.

Success of Nursing Program

Our NCLEX-RN first time pass rate over the past five years has been as high as 98%.

The program is committed to preparing nurses who are ready to meet the health care needs and challenges of tomorrow.

The faculty's expertise and desire for your success will try to make it a smooth transition for the non-traditional students returning to college.