report on Calories for Mrs. Winter

What is a Calorie?

A unit of energy. The energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water.

What is the difference between calories and Calories?

1 Calorie (BIG CALORIE) = 1000 calories ( small calories) . A big Calorie is also a kilocalorie.

Some restaurants have started posting calorie information about all of their food items.

Yes because you need to know what you are eating. Also most people are wanting to know how many calories are in their food, so if they don't know maybe they wont go to the restaurant then. You need to know whats in it because it could be very unhealthy and bad for you and you order it at a restraurant without knowing whats in it.

How should the number of calories you consume compare to the number of calories you burn?

They should not be exactly the same, And the ones you don't burn turn into fat.
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What is a good choice you can make regarding calories?

You should chose foods with less calories, so like if you were picking between eating a piece of cake with 200 calories and a salad with 75 calories you should pick the salad.

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