Welcome to Bend Adventure Boot Camp


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Week 1-Locations

Week #1-Please plan to meet at the following locations.

6 and 9am
Monday-River Bend Park
Tuesday-Pilot Butte Park
Thursday -PIlot Butte Park
Friday- River Bend Park

5:30pm class
Monday-River Bend Park
Wednesday-Pilot Butte Park

What you need to know.....

Welcome! This is your first step to making a lifestyle change, continuing down a current fitness goal or even moving beyond. As we all enter this next camp at various fitness levels it is important to remember these three things:

1. Always stay focused on YOUR body and YOUR form.
2. Moving slow or finishing last doesn't mean you can't do it, it means you are being mindful of your body, and making strides.
3. Challenge yourself physically and mentally

The first week of class can be humbling and exciting all wrapped into one. Be patient and just know..things will and do get easier. The first week will often result in muscle soreness, make sure you continue to drink plenty of water and make sure you continue to come to class. Staying moving is key for helping your body adjust.

Please be on-time and please make sure to remember to bring the following:
Yoga Mat
hand weights (3-8lb+)

What should I eat before class or after?

This is a question I always get asked. I wish I had one simple answer for everyone but this depends solely on how your body responds to early morning workouts, mid-day/pre-workout snacks etc.

I will however encourage you all to eat something. If you can get it in 45 minutes prior to class that is ideal but if not be mindful not to eat an entire bowl of cereal or a gigantic protein shake as it is likely it might just slosh around in your belly. Eat something that will give you some instant energy. A banana, a piece of toast with almond butter or peanut butter, an energy gel will work perfect for a few of you.

Post workout is the biggest priority. Not only should you make sure to drink plenty of water but make sure you are getting a balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and a healthy fat. This will all be helpful in your recovery and energy level for the rest of the day. Plus eating healthy just makes you feel better right!?

You will be getting more information this week on nutrition and for some it will be new and for others it will be a good reminder of what you need to be doing. I am always available to meet and discuss individual plans or revisions so let me know.

Please welcome Lindsay Peters to the ABC family!

Some of you had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay in class but for others, please welcome Lindsay to the Bend Adventure Boot Camp family.

Lindsay ran Cross Country for San Jose State on a full ride scholarship, where she obtained a degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy/Pre-Sport Medicine) and graduated in June of 2006. She has coached for Team In Training and Santa Cruz Kids Track Club. Lindsay has also interned at physical therapy clinics working with NBA, NFL, and Division 1 athletes in the Bay Area, along with volunteer work at adaptive physical education facilities where she coached aerobics and weight training. Lindsay has previous experience with Adventure Boot Camps where she has coached and managed one of the biggest boot camps in the California Bay Area for 3 years along with Personal Training multiple clients on the side in San Francisco. Lindsay was the owner/coach of 7 Peaks Fitness while working at Rebound Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapist Assistant and Marking Assistant.
Through out coaching and training clients, Lindsay has ran multiple marathons qualifying for Boston every time and running Boston in 2013. She has also found a love for skate skiing and skied for XC Oregon as well.
Along with instructing for Bend Adventure Boot Camp, Lindsay currently is a instructor at Barre 3 and enjoys spending her time running with her dog and practicing yoga.