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A news update about our bright students at Stuart!

A Note from the Director

What a week it was... And what a week we have planned!! We are running at full steam here at SIG Stuart. The kids have been working hard and having fun! At the beginning of the week, each child was placed in a group and created a team name and posters. Our groups are: The Cyber Bytes, The Horrifying Hurricanes, The Spy Kids, The Wolverinez, Team 7-11, The Chimichanga Cheeseburgers, The Pirates, The Fearsome 14, and The Super STEM SIG Kids. Each group will be competing for our first ever end of camp SIG Champions Cup. The students will earn points for their groups based on participation in theme days and various contests while at camp.
It is my goal that every kid not only learn, but leave Stuart and SIG with wonderful memories!
- Kevin Amey, Director

Leaving SIG early for the day? Can't make it to camp at Stuart? Please email the Director at in the morning to let us know your student will not be attending or will be leaving early. Include the student's name, reason for early pick-up/absence, and time of pick-up (if necessary). Thank you!

Building Geodesic Domes!

If you were given a cup full of marshmallows and toothpicks, what kind of structure could you build? On Thursday our students worked cooperatively in their teams to construct geodesic domes. A geodesic dome is a spherical-shell structure with intersecting lines that form triangles, therefore distributing stress to create a strong, rigid form. All of our students did a fantastic job collaborating and working together to build some amazing creations! The following student groups received recognition for their outstanding geo-domes:
  • The Horrifying Hurricanes: Most Creative
  • 7-11: Special Effort - the students created an entire city of geodesic domes!
  • The Pirates: Best Use of SIG Knowledge - the students applied their knowledge of trusses from earlier in the day to construct their dome!
  • The Super STEM SIG Kids: Tallest Dome
  • The Chimichanga Cheeseburgers: Most Accurate - the students were able to most accurately recreate the sample geo-dome!

For a sneak peek at some of our students' work, check out the pictures below!

Parent Meet & Greet

Monday, July 21st, 8am

1200 Stuart Rd

Princeton, NJ

Please come to the Stuart Cafeteria between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. to meet the wonderful instructors who are a part of our SIG Staff! Parents will have about 10 minutes to meet with each instructor and ask questions about each class. The instructors who are needed for a first period class will only be available until 8:40 a.m., at which time they will be excused to prepare for our students. If you would like to participate in the meet and greet, please note that we will begin and end promptly at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., respectively. Please RSVP to the event below if you plan on attending - we look forward to seeing you there!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

SIG Spirit Week Schedule!

  • Monday: Pajama Day - send your student in their comfy clothes, but please leave your slippers at home!
  • Tuesday: Picture Day - please have your student come to camp in their SIG t-shirt!
  • Wednesday: Famous Person Day - use your creativity to come to camp dressed as your favorite famous person!
  • Thursday: Crazy Hair Day - grab your hair gel and scrunchies... awards will be given for the craziest hairdo!
  • Friday: Beach Day - pretend you are at Stuart by the shore... come to school in your favorite beach gear!

We hope your students will participate and let their creativity shine throughout the week!

Blurbs from our Instructors

Read what our instructors have been saying about some of our classes!

  • Emily's theater class has worked on focus and character building improvisational games and is now getting started on an abbreviated and modernized version of A Midsummer's Night Dream. Students are beginning to develop character sketches for their roles in the show.
  • Emily's Detective Class has learned to observe evidence very closely and to make educated inferences. They looked through garbage to ascertain what they could about the inhabitants of a house, and now are making educated guesses about one another based on detailed depictions of rooms or backpacks.
  • Students in Emily's Invention class researched Edison and Tesla and wrote imaginary letters from one inventor to the other. They also have been working on developing fluency and flexibility by coming up with lots of ideas fast!
  • Students in Emily's code class researched the codes of the Underground Railroad and made patchwork quilts to places they care about.
  • Based off the problems we did in class today, my kids mentioned "This is so much fun, but so hard at the same time!" They were really excited about what we worked on today. Check out our Math Challenge section for a peek at what's going on in Crystina's class!
  • Over the past week, it has been so much fun getting to know each other, and share individual goals for Speaking, Writing, and Empowering! We have specifically been working on the elements of what makes a great speaker: body language, eye contact, inflection, tone, volume, etc. in addition to paying attention to one's voice in writing. Moving forward, we will focus on the writing process and how to use figurative language as an attention-grabber for an audience. I look forward to seeing what your children can do!
  • Over the past week, it has been great seeing your children's enthusiasm for Sports Stop! Each week we will focus on a different category of games and learn the defining characteristics of these categories; this past week, it has been tag games. Your children have been great at learning the rules for and participating in over 8 different kinds of tag games, and even inventing their own creative game-play to fit the "tag" category. Next week? Onto sports involving the use of a ball!

UNDER 10 minutes!

That is how quick pick up went Thursday -- Yeah!!!!!
I hope everyone understands the new pick up system. I think it is working very well.