Michael Earley

They Hate Us Cause they Aint Us

Something about me

Im a good learner. I can learn quick cause i make sure to liston very carefully. You only have to say it once.

Something about my child hood

I grew up playing Foot Ball. I started playing in 4th grade up to 9th. Im a Running Back.

Something I learned last week

I learned that exams take a very long time. Also need to make sure to get a good rest. Focuse more on exams.

Something i can't live without.

I can not leave with out my phone. i can go about 30 minutes with out it. Then go completely insane.

Something i watch/Liston to

I watch NFL every Sunday and Monday. 49ers is my Team. Witch next year they going all the way. Colin Kapernick my main man he is the best QB in history