The Flat World Vs. You

By: Tony Rodriguez

How to win the fight you never knew you were in

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The Flat World? Where?

The Flat World is a concept that infers that the competition in the job market has been leveled on an international scale. No longer are coworkers in the next cubicle but on the other side of the world.


In the last fifteen years, technology has opened the door to the Flat World as it has enabled the world to be consistently interconnected. This new dimension of interconnect-ability allows people from the other side of the world to gain job and educational opportunities.

A needle in a needle stack

College graduates nowadays are a dime a dozen, devaluing the value of a degree. Having merely a degree is not going to cut it in the job market, one has to stand out in the crowd somehow either with special skills or assets.

Skills and things to have to round those corners

''He's Liked but no well liked''

Like in Death of a Salesman, when it comes down to the recipe of success Willy Loman suggests, ''he's liked but not well liked'' basically meaning that success is won over by being a people person whose company is enjoyed. Showing the lighter side of yourself with a firm handshake and a smile will attract the employers interest, adding that extra edge. Questions that are highly considered when hiring an employee are that of concerns of the social environment in the work setting, whether the employee will integrate with the rest of the staff.

Word of Mouth

The word of mouth approach to obtaining a job is not uncommon. Being referred by a proficient employee skips all general worry of a potential employee. However, being referred by a friend or an acquaintance puts them at risk if expectations are not met. So in turn, being seen as having the work ethic and knowledge by the referrer will make the chances of being referred a higher possibility. Network as much as possible, preferably during a learning setting where your skills and work ethic can be displayed.

Hi my name is ________

Following the resume check, the interview is abound and knowing how to tackle it, again, shows that extra edge.
  • A key advantage to being prepared in an interview is asking yourself the hard hitting questions that could possibly be asked.
  • Overdressing is never frowned upon when it concerns the interview attire, wearing the full piece helps.
  • Preform prior research of the company to encompass an indepth understanding of who you are trying to work for and to stay on your toes for trick questions that could possibly be thrown out there.

All in all

  • Finding that dream job that glimmers in the end of the tunnel may never actually be obtained in reality, so keep your options open.
  • When met with denial, never end your hunt there, stay persistent in your search and your cast net will eventually catch something.
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