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Intro to Business Organizations

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There are 3 types of business.

  • Sole Propriertorship
  • Partnership
  • Corportation

Sole Propriertorship

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The Sole Proprietorpship is the most common form of business organization.

  • Starting your own lemonade stand is an example of sole proprietorship.
  • Unlimited Liability is the requirements that an owner is personally and fully resposible for all losses and debts of a businesses.
Sole Proprietorpship is the easiest to start.

Most difficult to raise financial capital.

People start Sole Proprietorship for profit.


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If Alexis Parker and I start a Hair Salon called Double A's Salon is an example of Partnership
  • the benefit of specialization
  • start partnership for profit
  • divdend
  • share financials
  • limited liability


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  • sells stocks to raise financial capitals
  • operated by a Board of Directors
  • easiest to raise financial capital
  • people start corporation for profit