Sun Valley Technology Newsletter

December 2014

This month's "Favorite Website"!

PHOTOS FOR CLASS - This site allows students (and teachers) to safely search for "properly attributed, Creative Commons" images. Along with the ability to search safely, this site automatically cites each image and places the citation at the bottom of the image.

Cool Things Happening in The Valley!

Copyright Confusion Presentation

Questions about copyright? Get your answers here!

Content Area Focus - Math

Video Story Problems link

(google "video story problems" for more examples)

Use these 1 minute real-world videos in class to answer the question "When are we ever going to use this?" Engage your students in meaningful conversation and calculations while solving authentic mathematical problems.

How Can I Use This?

  • Introduce a new concept
  • Beginning of the class Warm-Up
  • As a Differentiated Assignment
  • Extra Credit
  • Group Work
  • Content to Create a Presentation

Once you've watched a few, you should be ready to make your own!! Or better yet, have your students make them and share with the class.

Big image

How to....Crop an Image in Google

Now you can outline an image in Google docs, presentations, and draw.

1. Insert your image

2. Click on the image

3. Choose the CROP Icon from the top tool bar - if you choose the drop down arrow beside the crop icon, you can outline your image in a particular shape.

4. Choose the PENCIL icon to change the outline color.

5. Choose the LINE icon to change the thickness of the line and/or the style.

6. Image OPTIONS to the right of the Crop Icon (not available in Docs) allow you to change the transparency, color, and brightness of the image. You can even recolor the image, just like an Instagram filter.