Please stop laughing at me

My book


The book please stop laughing at me is a book telling a true story about a girl who gets bullied in school no matter what she does. The girls name is Jodee Blanco, She started getting bullied in elementary school, She was going to a catholic school, she started helping a disabled kid and got bullied for that. Then when she got to middle school she made friends and then called her mom because they were playing games that were inappropriate for their age. Then in high school it started out good but when she couldn't keep up with the "Cool" kids pranks she was then bullied for not doing that. She even said in the book "There I was an outsider again" (Pg 671 (Its kindle pages so I don't really know what it is.))just to reinforce that she doesn't get along with people.

Character analysis

Jodee Blanco is a strong character that goes with the punches and suffers through the worst punishments, She always just sticks to it until its over. She likes to write in her journal to keep from going insane. She has a really supportive family in the end and changes out a lot of friends in the process. Even though Jodee has a deformity (Her breast doesn't grow properly) She Just waits until she can get it fixed instead of having a break down and making it get fixed. She also sticks to her school she even said in the book "I am no moving schools I don't want to abandon this" (Pg. 2583) and that shows a strong character.

Conflict and resolution

Jodee Blanco encountered a kind of character vs society. She made it fine in the real world when they went on vacation and makes it fine out of school. But when she goes to school the rules change. Jodee is very mature for her age and the other kids don't understand this so her trying to be politically correct in the class room makes it so everyone in there hates her because she doesn't have fun and at one point in the book her dad said "We need to send her to a physicist to figure out what is wrong with her" (pg. 1080) So that just cements the fact that school interaction doesn't go well


The theme in this story is not really a good one because the only way she made it through her bullying problems is just to suffer through it and it will help you in the end.

Whats important (Textual Evidence)

One of the most meaningful moments is when jodee said "I'm not changing schools" Because everything was going wrong for her and she just kept to it and made it work and I think that is very inspirational.

My rating

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. I say this because it becomes kinda unrealistic in the end because she says she cut her cheek open with a knife and 12 year olds play strip spin the bottle. That's not even the worst of it she says that kids will hold her down as they put snow in her mouth till she suffocates. Or even when the kids threw pieces of cement at her. Like c'mon no one in their right mind would actually do that, so to me it sound a little fake


Anti bullying websites and videos

LOVE YOURSELF by KHARI (Anti-Bullying Song)


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