Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 16 January 2015

What have we done this week?

  • Literacy: We have looked in detail at how to become a knight. Ask your child about the different stages of becoming a knight - page, squire and knight. We focussed on reading from information texts and re-telling the information in our own words.
  • Maths: We have been exploring money in euros and cents this week, making different amounts and finding the right coins to pay with. Practice in shops by asking your child to find the right change to pay for small amounts eg 50c to use public toilets etc.
  • Topic: Our classrooms are beginning to resemble more of a castle with new additions made during our art sessions. In science we have been learning about different vegetables and the plants they come from, as well as the different names of part plants and their functions.
  • Thank you to Thomas' mum for the wonderful afternoon learning about a super French celebration!

Next Week

  • Beginning to read The Firebird as part of our literacy block on Extended Stories. We will be exploring adjectives and other aspects that make a good description, as well as focussing on punctuation within the text.
  • In Maths we will explore multiplication and division. Ms Bintcliffe's group will be learning about arrays and how this links to multiplication, including making an Array City. Miss Macdonald's group will be focusing on division.
  • Our topic lessons will focus on learning about defense mechanisms in castles, including making our own in various formats.


Reading at home 3+ times a week. Spelling Zappers daily please where possible.

Mathletics/RM Maths practice at home. If your child needs their username and password again, please send them to Miss Macdonald or Ms Bintcliffe.

Water bottles to be cleaned and taken home on Friday.