The Southeast Region

By Clara

Location and Place

The states that are in the southeast region is:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Washington DC
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia

Some places people would like to visit in the Southeast region would be:

  • The John F. Kennedy Space center at Cape Canaveral
  • Everglades National Park, Florida
  • Jamestown, Virginia
  • A coal mine in Appalachia
  • Montgomery, Alabama: Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement
  • The French Quarter in New Orleans


Three landforms that you can find in this region is:

  1. Caves


Mammoth Cave

2. Waterfalls


Cumberland Falls

3. Coal Mines


Coal is Located in Every State In This Southeast region

Three bodies of water that you can find in this region is:

  1. The Atlantic Ocean; one part of the fraction of the ocean(1/4)
  2. the Mississippi River; the third longest river in North America
  3. The Gulf of Mexico; located on the west side of Florida

The Climate here is doesn't have a sunny day every day sometimes rain falls all year long, but when it rains the result can be a flood.


Some crops that are grown in the Southeast region are cotton, rice, peanuts, corn, apples, oranges, and more. Orange groves cover large part of Florida. Agriculture is a business of growing crops and rising animals.

Some natural resources is land, the ocean, forests, minerals, and fuels. Some Man-Made things are made out of natural resources like Wood can turn into chairs, paper, lumber, some furniture, tables, and more. Did you know the land was the first nature resource to the Southeast region.

Historical Perspective

One way the region affects people is:

  1. Elevation; it causes it to be cold and plants grow well in warm lowlands and freeze in the cool lands.

One way the people affect the region is:

  1. Cutting down trees; we use things made out of trees like paper, lumber, furniture, and more

Three important historical events that took place in this region are:

  1. The Civil Rights Movement; was located in Montgomery

2. Jazz; made in New Orleans

3. Cajun; music and food


Three Fact Sentences about how people, goods, and ideas move to and from this place is:

  1. In Miami, Florida people go to cruises, the beach, and more, so people that live there or go home.
  2. Paper is a good that go's to different places because everybody needs paper{for bills, school, and more}.
  3. Washington DC is the capital of the U.S.A. which is located in the Southeast Region. So lots of ideas come from here like laws are made in Washington DC which affect the whole U.S.A.