Success Is Near...

Can you feel it?

By: Matthew Wilson

Chapter 1: Who am I ????

Brains come up a lot in our careers class. This helps us really know who we are as a person. This can also help us with a range of jobs we would have skills and interests in. I also learned that all people are different when it comes to brains. Some people are more left than right or right than left, but I am almost even with my brain. Right brain mean that you are extremely creative and don follow a certain set of rules, and the left brain means that you are very logical and that you do follow a certain set of rules. Your personality is also very important to know I this class. Here is the chart that we used to figure out our personality color. My color was orange. Orange meant that i am spontaneous, generous, witty, creative, adaptable, multi-tasker, artistic, competitive impulsive, adventurous, charming, and fun loving.

How I would work with people!

Everyone has to eventually work within a team and everyone in the team has a specific role/job to do. I was choosen by an assesment that told me that i would be a director within a group. A directors job is to be the leader of the team. the director od=f the team will be in charge of what each team member does.

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Chapter 2: What Can I Do ?????

Chapter 3: What I will do in the next 4 years?

9th Grade

While as a freshman I will consult my councelor for the right courses to take for my college requirements. I will then plan my four year plan for graduation at BHS. I will then need to take two or three other language courses, besides English. I will also participate in extracurricular activities. Finally I will read materials on the PSAT, SAT, and the ACT.

10th Grade

I will now register to take the PSAT because i would have taken geometry as a freshman. After I register I will take the PSAT. Then I will review my score from the test. I will then want to maintain good grdes throughout the rest of the year. Finally I will narrow down my career intrest into one field.

11th grade

I will then try very hard this year to start the year out with good grades. I will also chek my credits often to see if I am still on schedule. I then want to request catalogs and admissions from the college of my choice. I will the register for the SAT and i will sign up for the PSAT and the SAT prep classes.

12th Grade

For the first of the year, I will check when the registration deadlines are for the SAT and the ACT. I will then need to choose my college and finalize housing, financial aid, and grants/scholarships. I will then take my Advanced Placement Tests. Finally, I will take the admissions test for the college i would like to attend

Chapter 4: Where My Education will End...

University of Utah

While at the University, I will be associated with trying to get a degree in visual and performing arts. This degree will lead me toward my possible future job, and Art Director. This means i will need a required four years at the University. I will be living on campus for my freshman year and possibly off campus at a later date. Since I live outside of Utah i will have to pay out of state tuition which is: $21,388. Also with all the supplies i need for the year the cost per year will be around $36,608. If I have the same expenses per year for four years the total cost would be around $146,432.

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Experience The University Of Utah

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Where is this Amazing Place???

This school is 1,534 acres of pure amazement. It is also made up of 16 different buildings and it has about $668 million dollars put into building the school.

When and where to meet the Administers?

Monday, April 22nd 2013 at 4pm

1901 E Campus Dr, Salt Lake City, UT

You will be able to come to this amazing school to enjoy time with incoming freshman students. You will also be able to talk with Administrators. Also, while you are here, you will be able to take a tour of the entire campus.

Where My Journey Will End??

I will end my life living in California. I will live on the coast, so that i will have an ocean breeze. I dont want to live in the city because of gangs. I want to live in the suburbs of San Francisco