How can Solar Power help New York

Written By: Brock Booth Edited By: Noah Gibson

Solar power

Solar power is a renewable energy.Solar power works through the sun letting off little cells onto the solar panel.After that,it changes the sun's energy into electricity.A control device changes this electricity into power making it able to charge electric items (such as a computer or tablet).Then the power goes to the outlet to power the whole house.

New York

As you know New York is a very crowded area.So there is a lot of power plants.That is good for people to live in the buildings but outside is a different story.6% of the annual deaths in New York are caused by air pollution.New York only has 1% of the United states greenhouse gases.That's not good!

Believe it or not New York was actually clean.Until 2005 when more buildings started going up.7 years later (2012 September)New York City was voted dirtiest city.

Coming Together

Although, solar power only gives energy to a fraction of the world,New York can try and become the green city again.But how can they? By connecting solar panels above apartment roofs.That would shut down the power plants and help the environment. Also "crunch" the number of annual deaths by air pollution.Skyscrapers could also really help with that.They are high in the sky so they would get enough solar power to help the environment and still get people to work there.