What to Expect

By Aubriana Shumate

1st Trimester

In the first trimester fertilization and implantation happens. after that the fetus slowly begins to grow. 1st trimester is all the way until week 13. Your body will start to change, you will grow a tiny bit. And now you will be "eating for two" so you will need to get more vitamins and nutrients in your diet along with increasing your daily calorie count by 300 calories.

2nd Trimester

Second trimester is week 14 to week 25. If you are "lucky" morning sickness will stop soon. By this point you probably have gotten bigger. The baby's heart beat will be able to be heard as well. Fingers and toes are showing up now.

3rd Trimester

Third trimester is week 26 to week 40 or birth. So this is the biggest you will be. Cravings are setting in. The baby is just about done. Finishes on internal organs growing then one day they are ready and you are a mother of something you have been making for the last 9 months.

A message to the Fathers-to-be

Your wife is going to be moody. Mean one minute nice the next. And you only thing you need to do is be supportive,her body is going through alot and its painful. So she just needs to know that someone is there for her. That's where you come in and be supportive.