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In Switzerland they speak four languages.They speak the France, Germany and the Italy language, French, German and Italian.They also speak Romansh (also spelled Romansch, Rumantsch, or Romanche) in Switzerland. Sometimes in Switzerland the words don't sound like spelled. For example Berne, the capital of Switzerland is actually said and spelled like Bern in English. About 70 percent of the people speak a form of German that is called Swiss German.
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Switzerland is the main home to the Alps. The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe. Over half the country is covered in mountains. Another famous landform is the Swiss plateau. There is also the Jura Mountains.The climate of Switzerland varies greatly from area to area because of the wide variety in altitude.In summer, the Swiss Plateau is warm and sunny. However, severe storms may occur there. July temperatures on the plateau average from 65 to 70 °F .There time zone is Central European. One of Switzerland symbol is the flag (Seen below).
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Switzerland doesn't have any specific religion like America. Their ethnicity or race is 65% German, 18% French and 10% Italian. Switzerland has complete freedom of religion. About 40 percent of the people are Roman Catholics, and about 35 percent are Protestants. Almost 5 percent of the population is Muslim, while more than 10 percent have no religious affiliation.Roman Catholicism is a form of Christianity. Roman Catholics go to Church. They use the Bible. The Religious emblem is the "Parvuli Dei"

Art, Music and Dance

During the 19 century folk music was popular. Later, in the 1960s rock and roll also known as beat music became popular.In the 1970s Jazz and Blues were popular.In the 1990s, many rappers and DJs started to influence Switzerland's musical scene.In the 20th century some famous composers such as Arthur Honegger was born in Switzerland.A famous artist born in Switzerland is Meret Oppenheim. A Swiss dance is the L'Arc-en-ciel d 'Evolene'' (shown below).A famous Switzerland painting is the "Fur Breakfast".
Traditional Swiss Dance
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Famous People

William Tell was a famous legend. Some people think he was real. He was a Swiss hero. William Tell was a expert with bow and arrow. He was famous for shooting a apple off his son's head.If He lived, he would be alive in the 1200 to 1300s. The story is that somebody named Gessler made Swiss people take their hats off before he does.Tell didn't follow that rule.He was forced to shoot a apple off his son's head.William succeeded, but still went to jail. When Tell escaped, he killed Gessler.


Swiss people eat in the morning, noon and night. They are famous for their chocolate and cheese.


Switzerland has many celebrations. One of the major ones is Saint Nicholas day. Saint Nickolas is the saint of youth. In Switzerland people wear huge hats and boys wear white robes. There is a tradition of giving gifts on that day. They play games like bingo and do word searches.

Another celebration is May day or Labor Day. It is the celebration of workers and the start of spring in Switzerland. It is usually on May 1st. People march on streets.There is a day off, a half-day off, afternoon off , a some part of the day off or a normal work day.It depends on the canton or half-canton you live in. Each year, Zürich's May 1 committee, together with the Swiss Federation of Unions, organizes a festival and May 1 rally. It is a very large rally held in Switzerland. In Geneva(a city in Switzerland), two children, a boy and a girl are named the May King and Queen.They lead a procession from house to house in their village on the second Sunday of May. On the same day, they get crowned.

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Other Info

A endangered animal is the Egyptian Vulture and the Apollo Butterfly. The Swiss currency is Swiss franc(CHF). There are 26 states, 20 cantons and 6 half-cantons. Some famous books created in Switzerland are Heidi and The Swiss Family Robinson.


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