Team Rector

July/August Newsletter

Thoughts from Conference

I love Thirty-One National Conference! It's always a time to celebrate accomplishments of some hard-working women, hear what's new from home office staff, gain new ideas for field leaders, and enjoy some great girl time. This year's theme was "Everyone has a story". This year, I found myself just completely soaking it all in instead of comparing myself to others' stories. It truly hit me that I AM living in my purpose of coaching and supporting others. Selling? It's not my gift. Inviting others to start their own business? It's not my purpose. Leadership and coaching & supporting you? THAT'S IT! It's what I do in my full-time job AND in another part-time job that I do. I have never felt more content and reassured that I'm right where I'm supposed to be, doing what I'm wired to do!

How about you? What's your story been? What's on the next page and in the next chapter of your story? I can't wait to see it unfold and I'll be right there to support you for each page.

Our newest consultants on our team are writing an AMAZING story and starting their businesses so strong! Way to go ladies! You inspire me and make my excitement for the business burn even brighter! The sky is your only limit!

I love being your leader!


July Rockstars!!!

$1000+ in Personal Volume:

Kim Rector - $2488

Brandy Leach - $1557

Jessica Yarboro - $1354

Robin McKnight - $1304

$500-$999 in PV:

Melissa Calvert - $843

Jo Boggs - $733

Misty Griffin - $581

Becky Johnson - $546

Wanda Swink - $510

$1-$499 in PV:

Hope Binion - $476

Carol Hinson - $417

Stacy Williams - $365

Laura Tharrington - $361

Vicki Ross - $318

Kim Elam - $243

Heather Hill - $214

Kristin Theis - $205.99

Amanda McLoughlin - $133

Michele Galloway - $62

Carrie Williford - $51

August Rockstars

$1000+ in Personal Volume:

Kristin Theis - $1338

Kim Rector - $1099

Brandy Leach - $1027

Carson LaBelle - $1007

$500-$999 in Personal Volume:

Robin McKnight - $971

Laura Tharrington - $883

Melissa Calvert - $781

Wanda Swink - $700

Jessica Yarboro - $663

Tammy Murphy - $657

Jo Boggs - $542

Michele Galloway - $503

$1-$499 in PV:

Carla Kazura - $323

Heather Hill - $313

Vicki Ross - $293

Stacy Williams - $264

Hope Binion - $237

Kim Elam - $206

Carol Hinson - $129

Sabrina Griffin - $26

Welcome to the Team!

Carson LaBelle, Kristal Steele, Carla Kazura, and Robin Felman - with Kim Rector

Tammy Murphy, Kristin Theis, & Jo Boggs - with Laura Tharrington

Ciera Watkins - with Wanda Swink

Get your ASK in gear!

One of my favorite analogies from a fellow leader at conference changed my perspective about asking and hearing "no". If you have gum, you offer it to everyone around you. If they say, "no", do you cry? do you stop asking? do you get depressed?! We ask because we have something great to offer and it would be selfish to keep it to ourselves! Why not ASK about Thirty-One then???
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