NASA Viking mission

lets take a look at the first mission to mars

Mission Details

Viking 1 and 2 were sent to Mars to see what the surface of that mysterious planet is like and take samples.The main goal was to take high resolution pictures of the surface , characteristics and structure and to try to solve the myth that there is life on mars.

Mars landscape

This was the mission to start it all, we wuold not have the mars probs today if it was not for this mission, they did not realize how rocky the surface was un till the probe got in to orbit. They had selected carfulley sites for the missin the names are for vikings 1 landing site chryse point.


Frequently Asked Questions

Was this a successfull mission? Some say yes and some say no. The reason people say that it was a success is because nothing had ever been accomplished like this and that we got valuable data that is still used today and they put that in to account when they sent the rovers. No because they did not find life and was a waste of time and money.
Mars Viking Mission