Dolores Huerta

By Cytlalli Salinas


Dolores Huerta was born in April 10 1930. She was born in Dawson,New Mexico and is the second child. When she was 3 years old, her parents divorced and her mom took her and her brothers to Stockton,California


Juan and Alicia (Chavez) Fernandez were Dolores parents. After they divorced Dolores still maintained a good relationship with her father. Juan came a union activist and a New Mexico state assemblyman which inspired Dolores.


Dolores Huerta mother worked very hard to keep her children safe and healthy. She would always encouraged her and her brothers to do youth activities. Her mother worked very hard for Dolores and her brothers to have at least music lessons. She learned how to play violin and piano as well to practice in dance. She won second place in the national essay contest. Despite her achievements she experienced a lot of racism. But she soon graduated Stockton High School


In 1960 Dolores Huerta joined Agricultural Workers Association. During this time she met Cesar Chavez and both worked hard to help farm workers,immigrants,and women. But it was frustrating for her and Cesar and so later on they left the group. Both of them made a great team as Cesar a leader and speaker and her as an organizer and a tough negotiator


Dolores Huerta soon was honored for all the work and sacrifices she did for immigration,women and farm workers. Although she lost a good friend she never gave up, even if she had to do it alone. Today she continues to speak out for Latinos and social issues involving immigration and Latinos rights.


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