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Week of December 17-21

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Hang In There ~ We've Got This!

It has been another busy but fantastic fall at Southview. You come to work each and every day with a smile and an open mindset, ready to do whatever you can to support the students at our school. Your commitment and dedication to ensuring each and every student succeeds is commendable and no matter what comes your way, your willingness to think outside the box and problem solve through challenging situations remains constant, and for that, we would like to say THANK YOU!

We are truly blessed to part of the incredible Southview Team. This time of year can be especially difficult for some, adults and children alike, and for that reason we'd like to share some thoughts written by former OPC President Bob Pratt:

“The weeks leading up to holidays can be a struggle for many students who unfortunately do not look forward to spending time out of school. The safety, structure, security and socialization that we provide as educators, are missed by those for whom the holidays are not as enjoyable. In a strange and ironic way, the negative behaviours that some students demonstrate at this time actually acknowledge the consistency and caring atmosphere that we provide in our school and classrooms. Step back and reflect a bit… this may be the best “backhanded compliment” that you will ever receive.”

This coming week will no doubt throw us some curve balls and our resiliency will be challenged for sure, yet together we will surround our students and each other with as much positive energy as possible because that's just the kind of staff we are; we take care of each other as well as our students. So from the bottom of our hearts and more importantly, their hearts, thank you for taking the tremendous time you do in service of the students in our care.

Enjoy this last week with your students and colleagues. We can do it! Then it's time for you to enjoy some magical holiday time with your own family and friends.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tiffany & Joanne ❤️

Health & Safety:

Thanks for taking some time to go over criteria for a successful snowy recess (how to slide down the hill, no snow throwing, appropriate games, climbers etc). This is a great week to take your class out and practice these expectations under direct teacher supervision, & even with buddies, (if the snow comes back). The hill is getting a bit chaotic and we want everyone to stay safe. This may also be a great activity to repeat once back in January. Thanks all!

This Week at Southview

Monday, December 17 (Day 1)

  • Secret Santa Week begins!

Tuesday, December 18 (Day 2)

  • Joanne away all day

Wednesday, December 19 (Day 3)

  • Appy Hour for staff! Waterfront restaurant (4:00pm)

Thursday, December 20 (Day 4)

  • Primary Holiday Concert - 10:00am rehearsal - gym closed all day
  • Primary Holiday Concert - 2:30 and 6:00 performances

Friday, December 21 (Day 5)

  • Red/White & Green Festive wear day!
  • Domino Theatre (Grade 2 & 3) 11:30am

  • Napanee Gymnastics Club (Grade 1) 1:00pm

  • 12:00-1:30 - Gym in use by Grade 5

Upcoming Events and Special Days

January 7th ~ First day back in 2019

January 17th ~ Staff meeting 8:00am

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Embracing Differences, Learning Together