OWL About 2G

June 9, 2016

Reminders from Mrs. Grimenstein...

Here's a list of some special and fun 2G events for next week:

Monday: 6/13:

  • Community Meeting 9-10 am
  • Reader's Theater Performance - no parents, just reading for other two second grades.

Tuesday 6/14:

  • Preschool Buddy Picnic: Please send in a beach towel and a healthy snack for our picnic outside with buddies.
  • Library: Make sure ALL library books have been returned

Wednesday 6/15:

  • Field Day: be sure to label your child's water bottle & apply sunscreen.
  • 12:30 Dismissal: regular location in front of the school

Thursday 6/16:

  • 12:30 Dismissal: regular location in front of the school
  • Lip Sync: 10-11 am in the APR

Friday 6/17:

  • 5th Grade Awards Assembly 9-10 am
  • 12:30 Dismissal: regular location in front of the school

Other Reminders

  • Fruity Fridays: be sure to pack fruit for a snack or with lunch
  • Google Drive: Weekly photos posted "Pictures 2015-2016" labeled with dates for each week. Feel free to browse through the drive, but please be careful not to edit or delete anything. The directions on how to access our account are posted on eBoard. Here is our account information for quick reference: email: 2gowls@gmail.com password: 2Grocks (please note that we do NOT use this email account for any other purpose- please do not send any email to this account.

Here are all of the pictures so far this year from June...

Thank You, Mr. McGrath!

This Friday was Mr. McGrath's last day in our classroom. We are so fortunate to have had such a kind, caring, and patient teacher to help out each day. Mr. McGrath is not only a helper in our classroom, he also tells us funny jokes, teaches us about his many travels and life experiences, and takes tons of pictures (most of the pictures on the Google Drive are due to his photography). When the students want to learn more about something he goes out of his way to look it up and find them the answers they're looking for and more! The last week of school will just not be the same without him, however we wish him well in the rest of his retirement, and hope that he comes to visit often next year!

Thank you for all that you do Mr. McGrath!

This Week in School...

Now and Ben By Alexander & Patrick

This week in Reader's CAFE we read Now and Ben by Gene Barretta. Students learned to make connections while reading books, and applied this strategy to connect with their new knowledge of Benjamin Franklin. Here's what our readers had to say about Ben...

This week in school we learned about Ben Franklin . Did you know he invented bifocals? Bifocals are glasses that make you see near or far. He also invented lightning rods. Lightning rods are something that you put on your house that will protect your home from getting struck by thunderstorms and lightning. Here is a fact about Franklin,he thought himself how to swim when he was only seven,how cool is that fact.Also he only had 2 years of formal schooling. Ben also invented hospitals.If people have been very badly injured they can go to the hospital. Do you know a lot about Ben Franklin? ~Alexander

This week we learned about Ben Franklin. My favorite thing that he invinted was the lightning rod.The job the lightning rod does is protect the house from lightning. I learned something very cool about him and that was that he built the first fire department.They had a wagon that was pulled by horses. They used buckets to put all the fire’s out. Did you know that Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence? He was a great leader in our country. ~Patrick

Rain Forest Animal Research by Alyce, Colin, Caroline, Liam

Rrkk! Flap, Flap! WATCH OUT! Swoop! This week in school we learned about the rainforest. My favorite part was getting are animals to research. My animal was a toucan. Emma’s animal was a flying Gecko, Caroline’s animal was a Cassowary, Owen’s animal was a Orangutan,Olivia’s animal was an Amazon River Dolphin.We all got animals. Here are some cool facts about the toucan, toucans live in Central and South America in tropical and

Sub tropical rainforests.They nest in hollow trees. The rainforest layer it lives in is the Canopy. Know you know a little bit about toucans. I loved learning about the rainforest! I hope you did to!! ~ Alyce

This week in school were working on our rainforest animals. On Monday we got to pick a peice of paper with a animal name on it. I picked the vampire bat. All the other teachers assigned there animals that's why Mrs. G is awesome. My favorite part about the vampire bat is that it can drink blood for 30 minutes. The vampire bat is 2 feet long. And its predators are a howler monkey,eagles, sloths,and owls. I loved learning about the vampire bat . ~ Colin

This week in school we did rainforest animal research! My animal was an Umbrella Bird. I couldn’t find enough information on the Umbrella Bird, so I had to get a new animal to research. My new animal was a Cassowary. First, we looked up specific information on an iPad and wrote it on a pink piece of paper. Second, we made a final copy. Third, we drew a picture of our animal. Fourth, we glued our picture and stapled our writing on construction paper. Fifth, we printed out a picture of our animal and glued it in a picture-box on our writing. Now, we are sharing our information with our class. Did you know that Cassowaries are endangered? Rainforests are so interesting! ~ Caroline

This week in school we did our animal research. Mine was the spider monkey. A fun fact is it can go from forest floor to the canopy. The spider monkey eats fruits,nuts, leaves & insects. My favorite kind of spider monkey was the yellow bellied spider monkey. 1 more fact is that their tail is like a fifth hand. I hope you learned something. ~Liam

For Your Calendar

6/13 Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

6/15 Field Day, 9AM

6/15-6/17 Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

6/16 5th Grade Lip Sync, 10 AM

6/17 Awards Assembly, 9 AM

6/17 Last Day Of School

6/17 Report Cards Available on Genesis, Preschool-5th Grade, 1230 PM