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Start date: 11.09.2023

End date: 09.08.2024

European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC)

As a volunteer, the European Solidarity Corps lets you learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing skills or acquire new ones for your personal, educational or professional development.

The volunteering service offers you:

- Free accommodation: a single room in a flat shared with other volunteers.

- Allowance for living and personal expenses (370€ per month).

- Local transport to get to your volunteer activities.

- Arrival and midterm training (midterm evaluation).

- Private medical insurance that will cover all the expenses not covered by the public health system (health, accident and civil liability insurance).

- Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia at the beginning of the project and from Murcia to your place of residence once the project is finished.

- Visa and residence permit fees (if required).

About the volunteer project

Start date: 11.09.2023

End date: 09.08.2024

The schedule of volunteer activities will be between 25 and 35 hours per week.

Copedeco is specialized in working in the field of educational intervention with families and children in the municipality of Murcia. Consequently, the volunteer can gain experience in various tasks related to all areas of our work through participation in the design and programming of activities, the preparation of materials for workshops, the development of the volunteer's own activities, evaluation, etc.

Our projects and social intervention actions in which we work and where our volunteer will develop their activities to support us are:

- Schools: sociocultural and social intervention projects.

- Leisure activities: leisure workshops, summer schools, camps, work-life balance centers, extracurricular activities, etc.

- Training and support for families

- Social and professional integration

- Health Education

- Socio-educational and psychosocial intervention for children, adolescents and young people.

- Training and support for groups at risk of social exclusion.

- Prevention of situations that lead to the risk of social exclusion.

- International youth exchanges

- Training courses on various topics

- Schools for parents

- Street entertainment activities

In addition, our volunteer will also participate in the following activities:

- Promotion of European projects and programmes and mobility among young people in the Region of Murcia, as well as among the users of our organization.

- Participation in workshops and presentations of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme in youth organizations, secondary schools in the city of Murcia and the University of Murcia.

Our volunteering project seeks to promote the values promoted by the EU and the ESC Programme, such as solidarity, equality, justice, respect, the fight against exclusion and xenophobia, etc.

Accommodation and maintenance

The volunteers who participate in our project will live in a flat located in the center of the city of Murcia together with other volunteers who carry out their volunteer project in other organizations in Murcia.

The flat will be rented by the Euroaccion Association, the coordinating organization of this project. Each volunteer will have his/her own room to guarantee privacy and space. The coordinating organization will pay the rent of the apartment and the bills on a monthly basis, to free the volunteers from these tasks.

This project is funded by the European Commission and covers, in addition to accommodation, the costs of food, pocket money and local transport. This money will be managed by the volunteer in a free and independent way.

About Copedeco

Copedeco (Cooperativa para el Desarrollo Comunitario) is a non-profit cooperative of social initiative. It has been working since 1989 in the field of social intervention, developing projects whose main objective is the integral development and improvement of the quality of life of people at risk of social exclusion.

The values that support our initiative are:

- To generate wealth valued in economic and social terms.

- To create appropriate conditions to promote social and community development processes.

- To ensure that our actions come from the reality of the people and from the perspective of their location in a particular territory.

- To base our strategy on cooperation (social and economic) and on the principles of solidarity and sustainable economic development.

- To encourage the promotion, training, integration and improvement of the quality of life of our employees, as they are the main capital of the organization.

These values are delimited by the conceptual framework for the development of the organization: voluntary and open membership, democratic management, economic participation of members, autonomy and independence, education-training-information, cooperation and interest in the community.

The groups we work with are:

- Children and young people: within projects focused on leisure time, socio-educational activities, school support, risk behavior prevention programmes, university volunteering, work promotion, international exchanges, etc.

- Families: within social and family intervention projects, training support, schools for parents, positive parenting programmes, educational guidance and counselling.

- Women: through courses and workshops on health (healthy eating, physical activity, medical care for women, etc.), leisure time, personal growth and development.

- Elderly: developing workshops on memory training, positive thinking, tai-chi, Rondalla and choral music.

We also work with all these groups in the area of health, promoting healthy habits and healthy lifestyles through the prevention of drug use, healthy eating, the practice of physical activities, among others.

Although Copedeco's headquarters are in Alcantarilla, the projects are developed mainly in the municipalities of Murcia and Alcantarilla.

Volunteer profile

This project is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old who have not participated in any European volunteering project (EVS or ESC) before.

Our association will prioritize the selection of young people with fewer opportunities, young people who face geographic, economic and/or educational barriers.

We are looking for candidates who are responsible, creative, empathetic, communicative, adaptable, motivated to learn and contribute, with a special sensitivity for people at risk of social exclusion.

We will value candidates with:

- Great interest in socially excluded groups, homeless people, minorities, etc.

- Social skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills.

- Skills in group animation.

- Open to working with people from other cultures and religions.

We will take the necessary steps to ensure that the selection process is open, transparent and accessible to all young people who wish to volunteer in this project.

Regarding the age and gender of the candidates, we do not have any specific preference regarding our future volunteers, as we will prioritize their motivation and participation in our project and the activities we carry out.

No young person willing to participate in our project will be excluded for any reason (economic difficulties, social or geographical obstacles, cultural or ideological differences, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, gender identity and sex, etc.)

If you are interested send your CV and cover letter to noemi.euroaccion@gmail.com with the subject VOLUNTEER IN COPEDECO

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