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  1. All cookies should be homemade, baked and main ingredient must be flour.
  2. No plain chocolate chip cookies, cookie mixes, no-bakes, meringues or bars.
  3. Please bring 6 dozen total cookies.*
  4. The theme is "Christmas Cookies" (You can make any theme you like.)
  5. Arrange cookies in a basket or platter and be creative! Bring a large container to carry away your cookie, (or the hostess can provide a take away container.)
  6. Email a copy of your recipe before the party (or bring recipe to the party)
  7. Christmas (or theme) attire is encouraged!
  8. RSVP as soon as you can and let me know what type of cookies you are planning on baking - no duplicate recipes allowed.
  9. If you don't have time to bake, or have burnt your cookies, but still want to attend, you must go to a real bakery and buy 6 dozen yummy cookies*.

* Subject to change based on number of participants who RSVP.

[Courtesy of Robin Olson, | Copyright 1997]

Cookie Swap

Sunday, Dec. 20th, 2pm

Burbank Street

Hayward, CA

: Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Email us

Please let us know what type of cookie you will be bringing, so we do not end up with duplicates in the comment section.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Cannery Cookie Swap Event

Please feel free to contact us for any additional questions.