Joy James Library Newsletter

November 2013

Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month! In order to take full advantage of this wonderful month, check out the official website for Picture Book Month. There are tons of resources and ideas.

November Reading Challenge

November's Reading Challenge will be directly related to National Picture Book Month.

For this month, I will allow students to check out ONE more book than normal in order to complete the challenge.

The bookmark is linked here.

Discovery Education has tons of great resources for teachers and students. You can access videos, lessons and resources for all subject areas and grades. Teachers can create accounts for students so that students can create bulletin board type presentations for class (similar to Glogster).

Our code for Joy James Elementary is 4606-5CBC

Create your account today. Come by the library if you need any assistance.


We have 2 COW carts and 25 ipods available for check out. Procedures are included September's newsletter.

Please make sure that you return all COWs and ipods at the end of each school day before 4:00.

Bluebonnet Books!!

Students who read at least 5 of the books on this year's Bluebonnet List will be eligible to vote for their favorite in January. In addition, those students who read at least 10 of the books will be eligible for a prize from the library. Students and teachers can access various reading logs by clicking here.