Computer Hardware

2nd Year ICT

Hard Drives and SSDs

A hard drive is a device which stores information from the computer

SSDs are smaller versions. SSD stands for Solid State Drive, as it doesn’t have an arm to read information from the disc which is why it is called SOLID state drive.

SSDs are more expensive because they are the latest technology, therefore cost more, however in about 20 years they will probably be the equivalent of a hard drive today.


Monitors are basically the computer screens, and they display what you are doing, and your files, documents etc. You need to have a monitor to use a computer.

Optical Drives

Optical drives are the places where you can insert discs. You can find them in not just computers and laptops, but also game stations like Wiis and Xboxes. You can use them to watch movies and play games, as well as to use for storing information on.


CPU stands for central processing unit, but is sometimes known as simply the processor. It is literally the brain of the computer and controls everything.


RAM stands for random accessible memory. It is a bit like a hard drive or SSD but it only stores information temporarily. The information will only stay on the RAM for a bit.


A motherboard is a large board which holds and is attached to many essential items of a computer such as the CPU and hard drive/SSD. It also holds the Input/Output system. It is the centre of the computer and everything is connected to it.