School = Stress

How your school may be causing you stress you don't need

School Stressors

A majority of the student population admits to having some-sort of school related stress. According to a new NPR poll; almost 40 percent of parents say that their high-schooler is experiencing a lot of stress from school. This stress is caused by a number of different factors. With homework being a leading cause of stress, with 24 percent of parents saying that it is an issue, other contributing factors include the time-managment between sports & homework, the lifestyles at home for specific students, and the idea of school itself.

The Top 4 Stressors of High school Students

According to NYU studies have shown that the top 4 stressors to students are:

1.) Academics


3.)Social Issues

4.)Personal Challenges

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The picture above shows the survey on why students are so stressed.

Homework : How It Causes Stress

Homework causes stress to students for many reasons. Teacher may think that homework is helping by giving us extra practice from what we learned in class. However, some kids cannot balance a lot homework with other things outside of school. Students have extracurricular activities and on top of that homework. Which results in the student not doing the work or staying up late, getting less sleep, affecting their health. Instead of giving a lot of homework to student we should on get around 30 minutes of work so students can balance what they have to do outside of school. In the article it says “There is certainly no advocacy for the abolishing of homework here; simply that the amount and quality of a child extra curricular work after school be re-examined. Good quality homework practices have been adopted in Finland where schoolchildren were given just 30 minutes per night to spend on homework and none at weekends. The kids were stress free and scored highly in their grades.” This proves that students only doing a smaller portion can still be beneficial. By giving less students will most likely do it compared to hours on end of homework.

Academics & Athletics

According to US 55% of high school population are student athletes. The average students is naturally already stressed when it comes to school work. The constant problem that student athletes have is they overwork themselves to try and accomplish many things on one occasion. For example an athlete who takes vigorous classes will probably receive about 3 hours of homework each night, not including time needed to study to keep their grades up. In addition to hours of homework, an athlete who has a game would sometimes not get back home until around 8. This leaves little to no time to accomplish school work, family time, and sleep. The average tennager needs at least 9 hours of sleep in order to stay healthy. Acording to teenagers only get around 7 hours of sleep. This can take a toll on student athletes (stress wise) because with all of these responsibilities, only a few can be accomplished each night.

Home Lifestyles & How They Can Effect Students

1 out of 3 students are dealing with tough family situations. The school will tell you to not worry about it and just do your work but how can you do your work if you have bigger things on your mind? Another factor in the play is some students do not have enough financial support for all of the materials needed for the class whether it’s a computer, notebook, or a simple pencil. Maybe the student should get a job, right? Wrong. Most teens are either not old enough to get a part-time job, or they have no transportation get them there. It seems to be that the stress keeps piling up these students and they can’t get out from under it. Also, outside of school there is cyberbullying. This seems to be a large issue because take a large toll when being bullied and what makes it worse is that it can happen right in their own home. “...among 503 teens who participated in the study in both the ninth and 12th grade, researchers found those who had higher levels of family stress and school stress at the start of high school had poorer academic performance by their senior year. Also, students with higher levels of academic problems in ninth grade had greater levels of family stress in 12th grade.” Home does affect what’s going on in school and you never know who is going through something so schools need to take it a little easier on students.

Teachers & Their Stress With School

Students are not the only ones getting stressed out about school. Teachers are also taking a few hits here and there with all of the grading and trying to get students to listen. “Seven out of every 10 respondents said they “often” felt their work is stressful and nearly eight out of 10 indicated they recently felt physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the work day. Three out of four survey participants said they spend at least two hours on school work either before or after school. Most said the typical work day did not leave them any time to pursue hobbies or leisure activities.” The Washington Post tells about a survey taken by teachers and how they feel about schools and teachers. Teachers feel the students pain and students feel the teacher's pain. Both need to take it easier on each other to try and reduce all the stress rolling in.

Effects of School's Stress

Stress can be caused by many things as you can see by the previous articles, but the effects may not be as small as they seem.Many of the effects of stress are negative.Stresscthat's left unchecked can contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.This is bad because no kid should have to worry about developing any of these effects.Along with the stressors that come from school once kids learn how stress can effect them , they may begin to stress about developing diabetes or becoming obese.

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