charater anaylsis :The Afterlife

gary soto

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The Afterlife

The book is about a man has a knife and he likes to scare and kills people and a lot of peoples loves him, faces the consequences of his actions, finds in himself compassion and bravery and even stumbles on what may be true love. The video is about the robot that the man control of fighting or boxing with the other one and that kid also do the same thing what they love. They are the recognized people because they do all the control in the robot.


1.) Chuy,why do you kill people?

2.) Chuy, why do you hurt people?

3.) Chuy, Do you know what is true love?

4.) How does Gary Soto make the book interesting?

5.) Chuy, Are you Hispanic or no?


Dear Chuy

Not every people are ugly, they are like that because they like their own style because they look good and who are them. They don't care what other people say.I know that not every people looks cute but people looks good, they make fun of people that are not that cute or not looking good sometimes makes bullies. A lot of people likes to empress the girls like WOW..,but sometimes people like them from the attitude or how they are and be the way who their are, not what they look. I guess some girls like to play with people or just wanna have relationship. When you really love someone and you don't wanna be with someone else is because you wanna be with them and don't want them to leave from you and you wanna spent time with them. Like you and her Crystal well do a cute couple. If you love her and not only because she is beautiful is because her attitude or her smile that you just fall in love because of that and maybe she is almost like you height as long ya don't play each other by hurting or playing just always be honest each other and no lies.

Sincerely Your friend

Personal Connection

You'd think a knife in the ribs would be end of things but for Chuy is in love with this girl that makes him be crazy and he fall in love and found his true love and that he sees people love him,faces the consequences of his actions, finds in himself compassion and bravery.

My life right now is all good and lovely too and also this person make me crazy and he special for me and i never want to lose him if we have problems with a relationship we talk to make it better. I am always honest with my boyfriend no matter what happened always tell them before someone else do it or he finds out.