Why The Cyclops Has One Eye

Dominic Guthre

A mythical place

A long long time ago in Falgesta, when dragons peppered the sky and sea monsters slithered on the sea floor, there were the seven kingdoms Moohoochei, Kabasta, Taheeky, Chaling, Sarogata, Gongosta, stahalky. The seven kingdoms always helped out each other's kingdoms, the biggest, most powerful kingdom was Taheeky, the king of Taheeky was king Titan.

The young

Along with the great and powerful king was his three mighty sons Peter, John, and Phillip. They were great warriors, peter is the youngest of the three, and loves to be aggressive. John the second oldest was goofy and always had confidence. Phillip was the oldest and was always the responsible one who leads in line for the throne of king. In Falgesta there was one land threat, they called them CYCLOPS

Things change

The great plan

there were four different kinds of cyclops: the bull cyclops, the claw cyclops, the giant cyclops, and there is also the normal cyclops. The humans hated the cyclops, the cyclops wood kill Innocent people in the woods the people wood defend pretty well but would still die. That is why king Titan had planned to stab out one eye on each and every Cyclops. The reason why he planned to do this, is because when he did this it would be harder for the cyclops to see. He did not poke out two because it would curse you and give you nightmares every night