About John

"Weird is just a side effect of being awesome"

Who Am I

I mostly stay inside and play video games all day beacause who needs a social life when you have pokemon. One of my only skills is being sorta good at drawing. I have no values cause im just a figment of your imagination and just waste my life in school then come home to video games. I have like no self-esteem because society is stupid. I am a pretty fast learner if I enjoy the subject if not then i just sit and think cause its boring, but since really don't like lots of subjects so I dont really pay attention. These things should be considered when deciding on a carrer cause if you don't like what you do your life is gonna suck.

My Carrer as an architecht

An achitects job is to create and design building structures. The median salary for achitects is $72.550. It is in the Architecture and Construction cluster. They work about 8 hours a day. They work in offices. An interesting fact is they have to posses the skills of both enginers and designers.

How Do I Get There

I want to attend UAFS and once i get my degree my money I want to save my money and go to a better collage. I want to go to UAFS cause its close to my house so I can see my family. To be an architecht you need a Professional degree. UAFS is $231 per credit hour. I don't really know what scholarship i want.