It's Pro-Choice, Not Abortion

Should abortion be legal?


If you make abortion illegal, people would still get them.If we keep them Universally legal, people would not result in illegal Abortions. An abortion could cost under 10 dollars, where an illegal injuries might result in injuries more than 200 dollars. Even worse, in places like Africa, where they get illegal abortions, it ends up killing both the mother and the baby. So if we keep them legal, they will be atleast safe.


One of the reason why a mother might abort the baby is because she was raped. The mother had no consent over having the baby. She might choose to keep the baby, but some do not want to. They do not want to keep the baby maybe because it is a constant memory of the rape. Some of the victims might not want to go through labor.Some of the women who are denied abortions have a higher chance of being unemployed,being on welfare, to be below the poverty line and even more open to domestic violence. We have to consider them, when making the choice of abortion.


The mother has certain rights that allow her to have a safe abortion. It is her life and her body. She has the choice to do what she wants The baby might be kept if she is forced to. The baby has a higher chance of becoming involve with crime and drugs in a neglected environment. Aborting the baby also helps with population control.The baby probably should no come into an unwanted world.

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