Parent & Families,

Thank you for all you have done to make our opening days of the 21-22 school year a success! We appreciate your patience as we navigate those things that always take extra patience at the beginning of a new year like parent pick-up and bus transportation schedules. We will work to continue to improve our processes and procedures moving forward to better serve our students and families!

We know that it is challenging for families to settle into the new school year's routines and expectations after the more relaxed days of summer. Please read this newsletter in its entirety to find additional information and reminders that will help ensure a safe and successful school year, including messages about:

  • Transportation
  • Chromebook Reminders
  • Uniforms
  • School Hours & Early Check-Out
    • COVID Safety Protocols
    • School Wide Behavior Expectations

    Wishing our students and families another great week at GLOW,

    Kate B. Tayloe



    We are excited to share that we will be welcoming an additional bus driver to GLOW on Tuesday, August 24. This allows us to add an additional route to support student transportation to and from school each day, putting fewer students on each bus and helping students arrive home from school earlier.

    New transportation routes that will begin on Tuesday, August 24 have been shared with parents via One Call Now, and are also available HERE. Several changes have been made, so be sure to check your new pick-up and drop-off times carefully.

    If you have questions, please email


    We want to get Chromebooks in the hands of every student, as quickly as possible. If your child has not yet received her Chromebook, please read THIS LETTER, which includes directions as well as links to the GLOW Chromebook Agreement and the link to pay your child's Chromebook Damage Waiver. The Chromebook Agreement can be emailed to Your child can also bring in the $20 Chromebook Damage Waiver and the Chromebook Agreement to receive their GLOW Chromebook.

    👚 UNIFORMS 👚


    Our GLOW Uniform Closet is utilized to help students who are not in compliance find the uniform pieces they need to get them back in class quickly; however, our UNIFORM SUPPLIES ARE RUNNING LOW!

    If you have gently worn uniform pieces at home that your child has outgrown or is no longer wearing, please help us replenish our closet by donating these items back to the school. These donations can be dropped off by your student to their teachers or in our front office.


    GLOW's Uniform Requirements are being fully enforced in the 21-22 school year. Students will be required to be in uniform compliance before arriving to class each day. While I know most of you have already ensured your child has the uniform pieces necessary to be in compliance with school expectations, the vendor link to order additional items can be found HERE.

    The GLOW Uniform Requirements/Expectations are outlined above; however we want to share a few reminders based on some compliance issues that have come up in the first few days of school:

    • Leggings may be worn under the GLOW uniform skirt; however, leggings are NOT acceptable as pants.
    • Jeans are NOT acceptable as GLOW uniform bottoms.
    • Students may NOT wear hoods, hats, or bandanas at school. The only acceptable headwear/accessories are: headbands, bows, ribbons, and headscarves
    • Students may wear non-uniform outerwear (sweatshirts and jackets) on cooler mornings, but these items must be removed in the classroom. Only GLOW uniform cardigans and jackets may be worn during the school day.

    We are establishing a committee to review our GLOW Uniform Expectations to see how we might maintain the integrity of our expectations while also creating some room for flexibility. As this committee makes updates for flexibility, we will share those with you; however, ALL students must be in compliance with our current expectations before going to class each day.

    All other uniform requirements information can be found at the link above. If you have questions about uniform compliance, please email with the subject line "Uniforms."

    ⏰ 21-22 SCHOOL HOURS ⏰


    The instructional school day at GLOW begins at 8:05 AM. Students who are not in their classrooms ready to learn at 8:05 AM will be counted tardy. Please ensure that your morning routines allow for students to be on time for school each day.


    While we feel it is important for students to be on campus for the full instructional day, we understand that there will be times when your child has an appointment that requires you to check her out of school early. Because the safety of your child is of utmost importance, please ensure that you bring in your Driver's License or another Photo ID. Students cannot be checked out early until we confirm the identity of the adult who is checking her out of school.


    Help us keep all GLOW students and staff safe!

    If your child is experiencing any symptoms of illness, has been exposed to COVID-19, or if your child or someone in your home has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please keep her home and notify the school so we can guide you through next steps and provide a date for her return. Our goal will be to get your child to school as soon as possible, but we will need your help to ensure that this is done safely. You can notify the school by calling 910.338.5258 or by emailing Ms. Tayloe at with the subject line "COVID."

    Remember, your daughter is most protected from COVID-19 and will be able to return to school much more quickly if she has been vaccinated. Vaccines are currently available for individuals who are age 12 and older.


    We believe that it is imperative that we spend time each year teaching and positively reinforcing our school wide Behavior Expectations with students. Last week, students were introduced to GLOW's updated Positive Behavior Expectations, which center around teaching students what it means to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, SAFE, and KIND in all GLOW settings. You can review the GLOW Behavior Matrix and GLOW PBIS Posters used to to teach and enforce these expectations at school.


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