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Our TJ Students Enjoyed the Halloween Celebrations

What a great way to end the month of October! The TJ students loved dressing up and although the parade could not take place outside because of the weather, we were still able to celebrate around the school. A big thank you goes out to the room parents who helped organize the Halloween parties.
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The TJ administrators got into the Halloween Spirit and dressed up too. But when our students returned from Trick or Treating on Monday....They were exhausted.

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Principal's Message

TJ Community:

November is already into full swing and that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It's my favorite holiday of the year because it centers around family and friends (and food)! We have so much to be thankful for here at TJ. Our students are wonderful, our teachers and staff create amazing experiences for your children and our parent community is second to none.

If you want to send a thank you note to any TJ employee, please complete this form and I will be sure to pass the information along to the staff member.

Another great event in November, but maybe not as tasty, is our annual parent teacher conferences which are scheduled for Monday 11/22 (day and night) and Tuesday 11/23 (in the morning). Your child's teacher should have already explained how you can sign up for a conference time. Please make sure you sign up for a time with your child's teacher.

We hope you can come in person to the conference, but if for some reason the conference is scheduled to be virtual, here are some directions.

Joining a Google Meet (parent/guardian)

Joining a Zoom Meeting (parent/guardian)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the school. 847.963.5400.


Dr. Sasso

TJ is a GREAT Place to Learn and Grow

New Car Traffic Pattern for Drop off and Pick Up


The new traffic pattern seems to be working, so thank you to everyone for following the turning right procedures. I know it might be a little inconvenient for some of our families who live north of the school, but this new pattern creates less congestions right in front of the school when there are so many students crossing Winston Drive.

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TJ's Fall Festival

WOW, did our PTA organize a great Fall Festival in October! A huge shout out goes out to our PTA for putting on the first ever Fall Festival. It was super well attended, and the students and families had an awesome time. It was a great night and once again proved what an awesome PTA we have at TJ!

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Wearing Masks and Certification Cards

As a reminder, please ensure your child has a mask when coming to school each day. When possible, please send your child with an additional mask as students have had some wet or torn masks throughout the day. We appreciate your continued cooperation as we follow the guidance.

In the morning, if your child cannot find their certification card, you can always sign a piece of paper and put the day's date on the card and that will work until we give them a new lanyard and certification card.

New Lunchroom Procedures


We continue to evaluate our practices and look for ways to make our lunch/recess time safe and fun for all the students. Since the last newsletter, we have made some more changes.

All of our students now eat 6 feet apart in both the cafeteria and the classrooms. They can mix with their grade level peers during outdoor recess and can share playground equipment.

This week, we starting having the students who ordered a school lunch/milk regardless of whether they eat in the cafeteria or classroom now all come down to the cafeteria to pick up their food order. Some students (and parents) voiced concerns about not having enough time to get their food and eat it in the classroom. We have already made some adjustments to help increase the amount of time students have to eat and will continue to monitor the lunch time plans.

Did Your Child Misplace an Item at School?

Please remember to stop by the coat racks filled with "lost" clothes during Parent Teacher Conferences.. We've accumulated quite a few jackets, sweatshirts, etc. Following conferences, we will take all unclaimed clothing and donate it.
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Your Child's Privacy is Important

Privacy and student data protection is a key priority for the District. Our three main technology departments (instructional technology, technology, and data services) work to make sure our systems and vendors comply with the requirements of the Student Online Personal Protection Act or SOPPA, which regulates how student information is protected by school districts and education technology vendors they use. Our student privacy web page outlines our privacy related actions and protective measures.

We also employ a number of measures like on-site filtering, student device monitoring, and security tools which protect our network from outside threats. Students participate in digital citizenship curriculum, and staff can employ tools to support students in making good digital choices. Lastly, our district participates in several state and national consortiums, collaborating with other districts to keep informed on best practices and new resources that may support our data privacy policies.

Upcoming Calendar Dates

11/22-11/23: Parent Teacher Conferences

11/22-11/26: Thanksgiving Break (No School for Students)

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