High School and Beyond Plan

KA Class of 2023 Update (May 2020)

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The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) has gone digital with portfolio instructions!

In February we had planned our Spring HSBP visits to begin in March, but as you may have noticed plans have changed. Although we will not be able to visit students in their English classes, students can still work on updating their HSBP portfolio. The HSBP Office has created and invited students to join the "HSBP Class of 2023" Google Classroom. Our top goal in creating the HSBP Google Classroom is to have an effective way to communicate HSBP information and directions with students.

Students, please log in to your Mukilteo School District Google Classroom account and join our class! Just in case students cannot find their invite, our HBSP Class of 2023 Google Classroom code is: ogzbbjo.

In place of in person lessons we will create activities in our Google Classroom to guide students through an HSBP portfolio update; which students can complete at their own pace. The following activities have been added to the Google Classroom for students:

  1. Complete an Education and Career Interests survey, and
  2. Complete any missing assessments (these will only be assigned/shown to students that are missing assessments from their portfolio).

We recognize that students and parents are juggling many activities and class assignments during this time. If completing HSBP activities seems overwhelming, do not worry, students can take from now until August to get tasks done. We are hoping all students will accept our invitation to our Google Classroom as we will continue to use this as a resource in the future.

Please keep reading for insights into HSBP activities.

Career and Education Interests

Over the past 2 years, students have had the chance to take interest and skills assessments in WOIS. For this activity, students will take some time to reflect on their current career and educational interests based on those assessment results and after watching two short videos (posted below). Reflecting on interests each year will allow students time to confirm or develop their choices; we encourage students and their families to discuss their future plans and interests.

Videos on career exploration and education/training decisions and the Career and Education Interests reflection survey have been assigned in the HSBP Class of 2023 Google Classroom, students should log in to complete this task.

#Futuready: Exploring Careers
4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career

Contact HSBP Staff!

Mrs. Deborah Cesarini

Kamiak HSBP Specialist


Dr. Alexandria Johns
Mukilteo School District HSBP Coordinator


HSBP Staff Email: kahsbp@mukilteo.wednet.edu

Kamiak HSBP Website: https://www.mukilteoschools.org/domain/2434