Happy New Year

January 3rd

Welcome to 2021 @ LAF

Hello LAF Families,

I hope that you were able to disconnect this past week and enjoy some downtime with your families. The teachers are ready to work with your children virtually this week. Please note the information that is listed below and ask your child to be patient with this transition. Although we have experience with virtual learning, there are many obstacles that can occur on any given day.

Happy New Year,


Virtual School Begins @ 8:45

As noted below, we will follow the daily classroom schedules to allow for consistency during virtual learning. This will include our homeroom period (8:45 - 9:00). This is time for the class to watch LAF Live, Calm Cougars, and set the expectations for the day. The teachers will also record attendance during this time.

Virtual Learning January 4 - 8

During the week of January 4th - January 8th, LAF will be on all virtual instruction. We will continue to implement our current classroom schedules. This will allow all of our related services to continue and it will give our students a little bit of consistency. We will also be LIVE teaching this time and grading students in all areas. Please know that LIVE teaching does not mean that your child's teacher will be talking through the whole class period. This is not effective instruction virtually or in-person.

What you might see:

  • Ten-Fifteen minutes of direct instruction from a teacher
  • Independent practice
  • Teacher setting up small Google Meets/groups
  • Students working independently
  • Online conferencing via chats and or email

It is expected that students attend school and engage in all content areas. We will continue afternoon virtual schedules/expectations. You will receive more specifics from your child's teachers if we move to all virtual learning.

I also wanted to share that although we collaborate on every lesson that is taught to your children there will be, at times, some differences in how they are presented and managed. All students are different as are all teachers. Last spring there was a lot of chatting and comparing of teachers and student work. This caused unnecessary stress on everyone. Everyone's path to teaching and learning is different and may take unexpected turns; your patience and understanding of these paths are appreciated.