Vestigial Structures

Useless things within creations bodies

Awesome creatures

The mole rat has flaps of skin and fur over his eyes because they dont need to see underground.

The Astyanax Mexicanus are blind fish that use thier body structures to find their way throught the water, therefore their eyes are vestigial structures.

Embrace your vestigial structures

Tail bones

Male nipples


Wisdom teeth

Prime Examples of Vestigial Structures

What you dont know.

Facts about vestigial structures

Vestigial structures are common in many of today's organisms which means that they were once used by their ancestors.

The reason behind vestigial structures is that when organisms evolve due to enviornmental changes; they must adapt the once useful structures become uesless as they form newer structures to help them survive.

Dandelions have sexual reproductive organs but reproduce asexualy

By Hannah Kahl and Matthew Nixon