A Note from your Room Parent

**Temporary Room Parent :)**

Fall Festival

Hello Fellow 5th Grade Parents,

As you are probably aware, the PTO at Valley Ridge Academy will be hosting a fun Family Fall Festival on Saturday, October 24. This will be a great opportunity to have some fun, eat some tasty food, play some games, meet the families of your children's classmates and support Valley Ridge Academy. Each grade level has been asked to provide a basket to be auctioned at the festival. The 5th grade basket will be a gift card basket. Many of the grade levels have had great response and are in the process of filling some terrific baskets. Our basket is looking a bit sad, as we have not had the response we had hoped to have.

Please consider donating $2 toward the gift cards for our basket. Each class will purchase a gift card from a local business. Please send $2 in an envelope marked "Fall Basket Fundraiser." I will collect the money on Friday to purchase a gift card from Mrs. Bouslog's class. If everyone contributes, we will have a very nice gift card, that, combined with the other 5th grade classes, should bring a nice price at the auction. Every penny earned from the auction will benefit our school. Also, if you own or manage a local business and would like to include a gift card from your business, that would be greatly appreciated.

So please send in $2 this week. Then, come to the festival next weekend and bid on some fabulous gift baskets.

Thank you so much for your support!


Vicky Archer

(temporary) Room Mom for Mrs. Bouslog's class

On another note...

Mrs. Archer graciously sign up for our class room parent at the beginning of the year. Since then she has taken a full time position at VRA and can no longer serve as our room parent. We need someone else to take over her position. Room parents are important for different social events that take place above and beyond our regular classroom activities. There are only 3 or 4 events throughout the school year in which we ask you to serve, but our class can not participate in these activities without a couple room parents to help coordinate the activities.

If you wouldn't mind helping coordinate a few activities this year, have a little extra time and would like to donate it to our class, and enjoy being part of fun......please email me right away! The kids need you!!

Thank you in advance for your support!!

Spooky Stations!! Spooky Fun!!

Check out the fun and see if you can help!!