A Christmas Carol

By: Charles Dickens


A Christmas Carol is a classic story written by Charles Dickens who tells the story of a rich old man who hates Christmas. A Christmas Carol also has a background from England in the 1800's. Next the old man was greedy like the grinch and was haunted by spirits to show him what Christmas was really about. After the old man was haunted by spirits he knew what Christmas was all about and wanted to give money and food to the poor and the needful. I thought the play was really good with the actors,props,sound effects and the amazing background however i wouldn't recommend for all children because some kids wont understand some of the words and some kids will think it would be too loud.


One of the scrooge sacrifices he had to make was when he was on his progress to doing all work to have a lot of money or have a happy life with his wife and spend time together. One of the sacrifices i had to make was between either getting a Xbox One or a Playstation 4 and it was hard.
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