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“Young Revolution” is a project designed by young people to help engage & motivate them to support and develop their skills and abilities as young coaches. It was develop through consultation with existing young members of our Saturday school as a mechanism for their continued development once they had completed the basic skating skills program.

The Idea was brought to us by our existing young forum group as they recognised that they themselves where adverse to traditional sports such as cricket, rugby, football to name but a few and they believed that by providing an alternative sport that young people could engage with that was fun and enjoyable and seen as an extreme sport would help tackle increasing issues such as obesity and diabetes in young people that has recently been in the news and concerned them.

The “Young People” also recognised that by developing their knowledge and skills they could support the qualified coaches to deliver sessions to more young people and their families. Our young people identified that in some case by engaging the Adults in the activity, actively increased the enjoyment and participation of other family members and ensured the whole family could benefit and enjoy activity together through shred learning and fun.

“Young Revolution” is a project idea formed around the principles of a buddy system. It takes this idea further by actually creating awards and accreditation for Young Volunteers to develop and expand their skills, though a structured training program. The young people felt that the program should be formed around their recent enjoyment of the 2012 & 2014 Olympic and Commonwealth Games by having Gold, Silver & Bronze accreditation awards that clearly developed their skills but also allowed for early engagement for members to participate in.

The young people thought that by having such a scheme/program with badges & certificates would allow them to be recognised as experienced and knowledgeable young people amongst their peers and families as well as increasing their confidence to lead and make decisions that directly impacted on their community’s health issues.

The young people also suggested that as they would be recognised as young coaches they could encourage other peers and family members to actively look at roller sports as an activity they could enjoy.

The program is presently supported by funding from the London borough of Hounslow, and Greenford Broadway Ward, Community Development Foundations.

As the program will aim to mentor approximately 90 young people per year, we will continue to seek funding to support the ongoing development.

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Young Revolution is a leadership personal development programme

Young Revolution is a leadership personal development programme providing young people the chance to develop RollaDome All Skates members with motivation and communication skills, how to mentor others and how to use leadership skills both in their Roller Skating clubs and day to day settings.

The Program is aimed at not only developing skills and motivation to create and run RollaDomes Skating activities in the community but skills and qualifications that will be useful in their education and lifestyle .

The programme includes modules in leadership qualifications suitable for members from 6 years old.

This includes, working towards completion of modules leading to:




This is a hugely rewarding opportunity for young people. By befriending a child within RollaDome All Skate, you will help them become a part of the club, and give them someone to talk too. Helping to boost their self-esteem and confidence, whilst they learn to skate, and everything that goes along with a friendship.

A Young Leader provides support for a young person, A Young Leader helps other young people take part in activities, A Young Leader helps the RollaDome team in various tasks, both at the club and outside events, whilst at the same time representing our young members as a liaison group, telling RollaDome what is needed and bringing change to the Charites operations.

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Young Revolution - Development Meetings / Workshops

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 10am-12pm

Dephna House, 112/114 North Acton Road, London, NW10 6QH

The Young Revolution program will begin its weekly meetings/workshops on 25th October 2014. These will run weekly for the first four weeks and then alternate weeks there after, as there will be task for completion every week to achieve the awards and certification throughout.

Please complete and return the expression of interest form below so we can get started with including you as one of RollaDomes first every official Young Leaders.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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RollaDome as a Charity needs the support and help of its members to continue developing and working with our young people.

Please do donate whatever you can, everything even as little as £1.00 will make a difference, and help us to help your children.