virtual reality

by Eduardo Padilla

Getting lost in virtual reality

Imagine getting lost in a virtual world, you could be playing a game, watching a movie, or traveling to any place you want in just a click. But can virtual reality be to immersive, some would say that yes it could be, and actually i would agree with them. In my personal experience i have actually forgotten that i have a big headset on my head. I would be playing a horror game and i would feel as if i am actually in that place, it's really immersive to the point where if their is a jump scare i get chills and my body turns stone cold it's that bad. But with all that said i would still do it all again because it is a really fun experience and i would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time.

But what are some ways VR can help us

VR (virtual reality) can be cool to play around with but what are some ways it can help us educationally and medically. I found that VR can actually help a lot by helping kids who have medical issues like vision problems and also it can help others. Doctors use VR with cancer patents who cant go out side and visit places with VR they can experience what its like to go to lets say Italy. If thats not good enough they also help cure cancer, a doctor will perform surgery on a cancer patient by using a VR headset. According to "popular science" "clinicians would be able to collaborate more seamlessly—using their own headsets, specialists in different disciplines could see the same information to discuss a particular case."

At what cost though

Sure VR is cool and all that but since its early technology it can be really expensive. It is a luxury item and according to "tech daily" the best experience you can get is in the HTC vibe at $699 while on the low cost side you have the gear VR at $100. If that price is still a bit to high for your liking but you want to try VR their is also this thing called google card board made by the one and only google starting at only $20 its cheap and a good alternative for people who just want to try it out.

The only down side

So VR seems awesome after all of that but here are some down sides i found. If you expose little kids (3 - 7) to much VR than they may have vision problems not only that but also according to "healthy tech"if you let little kids spend to much time with VR than hey may get desensitized to normal 2D content like when they go to see a movie they may not like it they will prefer to watch a VR movie to a 3D IMAX movie. Also not to mention its dangerous you are blind to the real world a wrong step and you will come tumbling down.
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