colonies which one is for you

by: Norah Aagesen

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The colones are the same in some ways. All the cosines used water to get to there settlement. They also used the water to trade. They all farmed as a source of food. so they are the same but not completely.

New England colony

The new England colony has thine rocky soil. But they have forests. They are near the Atlantic ocean on the cost. They have a really cold weather and harsh winters.There natural

restorers are fish, whales, and they have furs. There jobs are farming but that is not there main Beninese. Trading, cutting Tiber, building ships, fishing, and hunting. they trade crops, cattle, and ships they also traded with England. They also trad tools salt and gun power They belief in freedom of religion.

Pilgrims were in new England. They wanted freedom of religion. They din't get of the Mayflower until they made a agreement. They made friends with the locale lindens.

The Middle colony

Middle colony

they have rich soil and live near the Atlantic cost. They have a warm climate. There natural resources are wheat, iron, farming crops, furs, timber, cattle, and indigo. There jobs are farming, trading ,and building ships. they traded cattle, wheat, and other crops .They believed in religion.

New Netherlands were in Philadelphia. They went because they wanted to find a way to the northwest. They found rich fur trading places, They deepened on hunting whales. Also they found the Hudson river

The southern colony

They have flat land and rich soil and they are on the cost. They have the warmest climate. Their natural resources are tobacco, rice, furs, timber, and ships. Their jobs are farming, and plantations "big frames". They traded tobacco and rice.

Jamestown they are in Virginia. They went because the king was entreated in a English colony. They had john smith and he made friend with the Indians and made peace.