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May 16, 2016

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is More Important Than Ever

Implementing 1:1 Norms and Digital Citizenship This post was shared by the Tarrant Institute and written by a Brattleboro middle school teacher.

Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership

I'm exploring new resources for next year and this is one of them. It's the Digital Driver's License, DDL, a program developed at the University of Kentucky. Feel free to explore it. I've set up a WSD account. More information later in the summer!

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Some Recent Google resources

How I Used Google Classroom Differently This Year. This isn't from me! (BB)

Student Reading Log Template with Google Sheets

How I Finally Figured Out Collaborative Writing (Docs and much, much more!)

Talk WITH Your Audience, Not AT Them, with Slides Q & A. (some of you saw this featured at last week's faculty meetings)

Using Google Maps Bike Directions to Teach Math & Social Studies

Want to become a Google certified educator? Here are checklists and descriptions about the process for Levels 1 and 2.

This 10-Minute TED Talk . . .

. . . will teach you everything you need to know about presenting! (and your students too)

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A Diagram of Pedagogy in the 21st Century

Effective technology integration isn't about using cool tools. It's about great teaching.

Is Email Your Tool, Or Are You Its?

This post is humorous, but also provides some good ideas for structures and expectations about email. (how soon to reply to parents, for example)
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Easy Classroom Blogging Ep. 12 - Creating a Class Memory Book

Get in touch with your friendly tech integration crew!

It's always better via email as we're not always at our desks.

Linda: x 6255

Sagui: x6022

and Bonnie

Nearing the End of the Year

It's hard to believe how little time we have left! In this edition of the Tech News, I'll feature end-of-year ideas to culminate and showcase student work, suggestions for the summer (some don't feature technology at all!), and thoughts for next year.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication on behalf of our students.

P.S.- SBAC testing is still underway through the end of this month. Please consider others! (especially Full House and Voyager 5-6)

Subscribe to this YouTube Channel!

This Aussie teacher provides great videos to showcase all topics related to student blogging and more. One example can be seen below.

Why Aren't Students Allowed to Blog?

This post provides advantages for classroom blogging. By the way, I will need to find out who wants Kidblog accounts for next year. I'll be inquiring near the end of the summer.