Samurai- Bushido

Introduction of Samurai- Samurais were warriors that fought on horseback, dressed in a helmet and armor. They carried around a sword, shield, and bow. The Samurai are supposed to live by a strict warrior code known in Japan as Bushido.

Introduction of Bushido- Bushido is the way of the warriors. It is a few main rules that warriors must live by. They are supposed to live by nothing more and nothing less than these rules.

Effects of Samurai had on cultural system- The Samurais affected the cultural system by making warriors out of men. They took a regular, every-day man and made him into a warrior machine. It made the every-day man into a fighting machine.

Effects of Bushido had on cultural system- The Bushido affected the cultural system because it made people live by a few rules and only those rules. People aren't allowed to live a regular life with having to live by the Bushido.

The reason I became a Samurai was because I wanted to feel powerful. I like the feeling of having power against other people. The thing that sucks about being a Samurai is having to follow the rules to be a Samurai. I don't like being forced to live a certain way. But having to live the way they want me to is one minor inconvenience to being something that I have always wanted to be.